Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Drifting away from the all Aussie vibe this week, though As Clear As Day were one of the great roster of bands on Rampant. After which we have the original Comsat Angels ( well before the later US/Howlett version ), the 3rd single from Jasmine Minks, Ye Olde Moz & Co, Ye Olde Weller & Co, a very Martin Hannett sounding Magazine, some Japan from a double pack 7 ( where I guess the "real" single is Cantonese Boy ), the UK release of Modern Girl, credited only to "James Freud", scandalously no credit given to the Radio Stars ( or Berlin as they had to change their name to in the UK ), and rounding it out with the 3rd Raw Herbs single and some latter day soft-as-marshmallows Housemartins.

Speaking of James Freud, here's a great account of his time spent in the UK with Gary Numan - it's all there, the caravan, the cups of tea, the farting...a very funny read.

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #90
Some Excited Feeling - As Clear As Day ( Rampant Recs Aust 1985 )
2. Independence Day - Comsat Angels ( Polydor 1980 )
3. What's Happening - Jasmine Minks ( Creation 1985 )
4. Ask - The Smiths ( Rough Trade 1986 )
5. Money Go Round ( Pt 1 ) - The Style Council ( Polydor 1983 )
6. A Song From Under The Floorboards - Magazine ( Virgin 1980 )
7. Gentlemen Take Polaroids - Japan ( Virgin 1980 )
8. Modern Girl - James Freud ( Carrere 1982 )
9. She's A Nurse But She's Alright - The Raw Herbs ( Medium Cool 1987 )
10. Build - The Housemartins ( Go! Discs 1987 )

( duration 35 mins, vbr lame mp3 )

Friday, November 11, 2011

#89 - need some obscure early 80's Aussie tracks??

Then you're definitely in the right place !

Let me start by pointing out that single today by The The is NOT by the latter Matt Johnson UK outing, the band here today is the Sydney band, kicking around the inner city at the time, when young Matt was a mere slip of lad, a twinkle in the eye of his old Burning Blue Soul megaphone. "Living In Darlinghurst" a grinding rock tale of life in the dark reaches of urban life ( somehow managing to get a cheap dig in at French's in Darlinghurst among other things ).

We start with a track engineered by Clive Shakespeare ( he of ex-Sherbert fame ), by Trans 262, who if memory serves me correctly started life as ME 262, but with the advent of good ol' MEO 245 they changed their name, the reason given "to avoid confusion". So, um making a tacit statement that the punters of the time were perhaps too dumb to pick the difference...???...dunno...

Following hot on their heels is the highly produced ( yet strangely infectious - even 31 years later ) single by Dallimore - featuring Newcastle legend ( Newcastle, NSW that is, not the Alan Shearer territory ) John Dallimore, a former Zoot man.

The another legend - totes legend - Peter Dawkins - in the producer's chair for Sydney band Ves 8, one of their 2 singles ( yes the other one "Ritz Rock" is somewhere around the house ). By the way, speaking of Peter Dawkins, this website outlines Peter's book "The Ice Cream Boy", an autobiography and an accompanying CD "For Pete's Sake", a benefit CD, the proceeds of which aid Peter in costs for his ongoing treatment for Parkinson's, a more than worthy cause given Peter's great contribution to the Oz music scene.

A couple of songs today from the Result Records label, The Eighty-Eights and The Jukes, those bands one half of the entire stable of the label - The Motivators and Colin Stead being the other releases on this short lived Polygram Sydney imprint. I have all the other singles, which will show up one day eventually, which I hope is good news ( ?? !!?? ).

A couple of Sandgropers too ( um, that's people from Perth ), a totally indie effort from The Dugites from 1979 and The Stockings, featuring Bernie Lynch - later of Euroglider's fame ( in earlier Stockings days travelling under the moniker "Rip Torn" ).

Sydney band Tigers ( another oddly catchy thang ) and Brisbane's Mr Meaner are also part of it all today...

as they say in the classics - get it into ya - and enjoy :)

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #89
Don't Hold Me Down - Trans 262 ( no label EMI Custom Aust 1981 )
2. We Are The Kids - Dallimore ( EMI Aust 1980 )
3. Radio Love - VES 8 ( Ch 7 Recs Aust 1980 )
4. Living In Darlinghurst - The The ( no label EMI Custom Aust 1980 )
5. She Fell In Love With James Bond - The Eighty-Eights ( Result Recs Aust 1981 )
6. Hit Single - The Dugites ( no label EMI Custom Aust 1979 )
7. Lets Get Started - Tigers ( EMI Aust 1981 )
8. She's A Devil - The Stockings ( Astor Aust 1980 )
9. Don't Put Me Away - The Jukes ( Result Recs Aust 1980 )
10. I Dig The TV - Mr Meaner ( Peanut Republic Recs Aust 1980 )

( duration 31 mins, vbr lame mp3 )