Sunday, November 26, 2006

Podcast 6 and about smaller files

I've had a few requests to break the file up into 3 portions to make the downloading will try and figure that out ( maybe ). I have also had a request to provide individual mp3's but that's a bit more time consuming then I have time for, as I basically record the 10 singles "live" into one file and then just convert that to mp3, which is the quickest way, so I'm not sure about providing 10 single mp3's, so not yet, sorry :)

Meantime coming up off the floor today are some Wedding Present, Flatmates, Brilliant Corners, My Bloody Valentine, Mo-dettes and Moodists. Cool !!

Podcast 6

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #6
Benefit Of The Doubt - The Crystal Set ( Red Eye Aust 1986 )
2. I Could Be In Heaven - The Flatmates ( Subway 1986 )
3. Delilah Sands - The Brilliant Corners ( ss20 Recs 1987 )
4. Face With No Name - The Passengers ( Phantom Aust 1979 )
5. That Means Nothing To You - Jim's Twenty One ( Tulip Belgium 1987 )
6. Nobodys Twisting Your Arm - The Wedding Present ( Reception 1988 )
7. White Mice - Mo-Dettes ( no label 1980 )
8. You Ungrateful Bastard - 1000 Violins ( Constrictor 1986 )
9. Paint A Rainbow - My Bloody Valentine ( Lazy 1987 )
10. Where The Trees Walk Downhill - Moodists ( Au Go Go Aust 1981 )
( duration 28 mins, 320kps mp3 )

I was tossing and turning wondering which side of the My Bloody Valentine single to put up as I love both sides and in the end tossed a coin, and so that's how I chose the b-side, even if it was on that Rough Trade comp. The three Australian records are all from labels which were also record shops - The Passengers were from Sydney and this was the first release on the Phantom Records label, from an awesome shop ( formerly at 375 Pitt St Sydney and sadly long since gone but I still sometimes walk past there and remember how important the record shop was to me, now it's some dodgy computer store or something ), The Crystal Set who also popped up on Podcast 3 came out via Red Eye Records, and the shop is still going strong !! Last time I should have mentioned that The Crystal Set had Russell Kilbey as one of it's members, brother of Steve Kilbey from The Church.

In my hazy memory, which is failing me a bit these days I thought that The Moodists were from Perth ( featuring Dave Graney ) but someone has written to say he thinks they're from South Australia, so I am willing to believe that !! Anyway the single featured today came out via the Melbourne label/shop Au Go Go Records, who are also still open for business. Speaking of Melbourne record shops, and Exposure Records ( in Kew ) ( next to 3MBS-FM ) ( but not near 5MBS-FM ) that is where I bought Delilah Sands by the Brilliant Corners. And earlier on I mentioned Therese by The Bodines as being in my Top 5 of the c86 era, well Delilah Sands is definitely Numero Uno. It was also blogged/podcast the other day on Jonny B's site and yes he beat me to the punchline there ( but not the paunch ) but in his defence he did put me onto that song in the first place ( as well as physically take me to Exposure Records on the tram to buy it ) good on ya Jonny. The band Jim's Twenty One were from Brussels, and I think it could be my only Belgie 7" !! And is it just me or did David Gedge of The Wedding Present always have shocking luck with the ladies ??

Friday, November 24, 2006

Podcast 5 - second half of a double post today

I'm having a great time doing this blog, the randomness of the records coming out so far is fun and the records quite juicy !!

Someone else who is enjoying them sent me a very nice and friendly email - Romina from a great blog called Mira el Pendulo which looks at indiepop/tweepop/c-86 music and is really worth a serious visit if you don't know it - do check it out.

Meantime today I'm putting up 2 new podcasts, number 4 is blogged in the entry below this but here's number 5. And for some reason the gods of jangly pop are smiling sweetly on me today as some great ones came out of the pile!

Razorcuts, The Chesterfields, The Sea Urchins, Felt all suddenly making an !!

Podcast 5

- here's what's on it...

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #5
First Day - Razorcuts ( Flying Nun UK 1987 )
2. Ask Johnny Dee - The Chesterfields ( Subway 1987 )
3. Stay Handsome - Love Dance ( Marsh-Marigold 2005 )
4. Pristine Christine - The Sea Urchins ( Sarah 1987 )
5. She Lets Me Know - Little Murders ( Au Go Go Aust 1981 )
6. Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow - Felt ( Cherry Red 1984 )
7. And If The Sky Should Fall - Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes ( Speed Recs 1988 )
8. Marked Man - The Limp ( Primate 1981 )
9. She's So Out Of Touch - Slaughter ( Creation 1986 )
10. All You Wanted - The Apartments ( Rough Trade 1986 )
( duration 28 mins, 320kps mp3 )

The Razorcuts song is the b-side of "I Heard You The First Time". The band Little Murders were from Melbourne and this is one many fine releases of theirs. The Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes song is the b-side of "You'll Never Be That Young Again". The Limp were an offshoot of a great Aussie post punk band called Pel Mel.

Double Post today !! Two new podcasts :)

Been out of action the last 2 days, yesterday I had to get the cat to and from the vet for an operation ( in very hot weather ) and spend the time in between worrying about her...and today I had a new bed delivered and it was harder than rocket science to figure out the diagrams of how to put it fact rocket science would have been a pushover compared to this. Simple I know, in theory, constructing a bed, but this one was totally baffling. As The Bodines say - "it scares the health out of me"

To make up for it, there's two new podcasts up right now :)

Podcast 4

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #4
Let's Be Sophisticated - International Exiles ( Missing Link Aust 1980 )
2. Comin' Through - The Pastels ( Glass 1987 )
3. Therese - The Bodines ( Pop 1987 )
4. Squeeze - Toy Love ( Deluxe 1981 )
5. Dear Friend - Flying Color ( Shigaku 1987 )
6. Love's Going Out Of Fashion - Biff Bang Pow ( Creation 1986 )
7. The Beautiful Things - Spearmint ( hiBack Records 2000 )
8. Turn The Circle Around - Inspiral Carpets ( Playtime 1988 )
9. Really Stupid - The Primitives ( Lazy 1986 )
10. Behind Dark Glasses - Popgun Men ( no label 1979 )
( duration 30 mins, 320kps mp3 )
( rec with Ableton Live & Dynasone Multiband Maximiser VST, encoded w/ Lame via NMP3 Ripper )

The Spearmint song is one of 2 on the B-side of their "You Are Still My Brother" single, Toy Love are from New Zealand and both the International Exiles and Popgun Men were Melbourne bands. "Therese" by The Bodines is conicidentally one of my top 5 fave singles from the c-86 era.

One the things that amuses me about the Inspiral Carpets single suddenly appearing is that Jonny B mentioned on his blog - - how (quote) "we'd often in our youth make a mad dash to Waterfront records where a brown paper bag lay under the counter and whoever got there first got the fruits that lay within"...Waterfront being a record store in Sydney...well the Inspiral Carpets 7" was one I did get via that way, only because the guy behind the counter used to put records aside for both myself and Jonny B, while at the same time playing us off against each other !! Anyhow I'm glad he did because at the time of that Inspiral Carpets release they were a totally unheard of band, especially in Australia, and they only ever got the one copy into the shop and decided I should have it. Superb !! There were other records like that, but as I said they played Jonny B and I off against each other - by on the same day unknown to me giving Jonny some little juicy gem.

Not to matter as Jonny B and I are old friends and would play the music to each other, just we would tease each other about having records the other didn't. These days in older& wiser state we wouldn't be that childish.

Nah.....of course we would.

Anyway stay tuned for Podcast 5....really soon

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Good, The Bad & The Skippy ( and podcast 3)

The Good

wow, I got a mention on Indie MP3 - Keeping C86 Alive! - cool !! thanks guys, given I love your site and have discovered so much great music via you. Ace !! I'm so chuffed.

I also got a mention on Jonny B's blog - which is also cool, given Jonny is a friend of mine and by this blog have accidentally encouraged him to podcast some of his music as well - check it out, he's got some killer tracks in his collection. He also makes mention of a friendly music rivalry between us - cool - bring it on Jonny !! If only you'd tell me who WAS that girl on the tambourine tho....

The Bad

It was a boiling hot and humid day in Sydney today and some clowns are building a house across the road from me, and seem to think they need to use a bloomin' saw/grinder on cement blocks all day.
Here's a photo of the "site" from my front door

and if you look at that ominous pile of cement bricks what I wanna know is why do they have to saw each block in half - hey dudes, ever heard of getting smaller bricks ?? Anyway it put me off the important case of making another podcast, until this afternoon

The Skippy

I am having an issue with the final mp3 seeming to skip a few beats every now and then, which isn't on the original mix I do, just on the mp3 version and I can't figure it. Also some of my vinyl seems to be a bit scratchy I know, I attempted to de scratch some of them today, but that takes ages and I like the simplicity of just grabbing the next 10 records in the pile without having a clue what they will be and recording them. Only takes me 30 mins to do that way !! Anyway this one seems to still have crackles from the vinyl but I'm workin' on that. Just means the vinyl is well loved. I'm not talking "exchange of bodily fluids" type love, just loads of playing, and they are nearly 20 years on in their age, poor old things are getting a bit dotty.

ok enough whinging here's what's on Podcast 3 - oh and I seemed to be in mood for B-sides today ( some weird reaction to the building site across the road ) so there's a few B sides on here !!

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #3
Wishing On A Star - Choo Choo Train ( Subway 1987/8 ??)
2. A Drop In The Ocean - The Crystal Set ( Red Eye Aust 1985 )
3. Room At The Top - The Motorcycle Boy ( Chrysalis/Rough Trade 1987 )
4. Sun Sea Sand - The Revolving Paint Dream ( Creation 1988 )
5. Ten Years On - The Dagoes ( Phantom Recs Aust 1981 )
6. Dexase Apagar - Mus ( Pop Art/Kontakt 1999 )
7. Horse With No Name - The Jack Rubies ( Idea Records 1987 )
8. Boys With Guitars in Small Town - Simpatico ( Gifted Australia 2001 )
9. Unfortunately - McCarthy ( September Recs 1987 )
10. The Centre Of My Little World - Another Sunny Day ( Sarah Recs 1988 )
( duration 31 mins, 320kps mp3 )

Like I said, plenty of b sides - the Choo Choo Train track is the B side to the "High" single, the Motorcycle Boy is the flip of "Big Rock Candy Mountain", the Jack Rubies is the B of "Lobster", The McCarthy song is from the "Well Of Loneliness" single and finally Another Sunny Day is the third song on the ep with the A side being "I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist"

podcast 3 link 1

Monday, November 20, 2006

Podcast number 2

I was sick in bed all day and just got up and recorded 10 new songs and hey...I really enjoyed this one, I reckon you will too !! There's a few more classic Australian indie singles ( Ups & Downs is awesome ) in this lot and more c86 era bands, and one of my current faves The Madeleines. Enjoy :)

So here's what's on Podcast 2

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #2
Coming Like Summer - Rabbits Wedding ( Waterfront Australia 1987 )
2. If Only Words - 1000 Violins ( Immaculate Recs 1989 )
3. Summerness - Melodie Group ( Matinee 2001 )
4. Tugboat Line - Rumblefish ( Pink Label 1987 )
5. In The Shadows - Ups & Downs ( Waterfront Australia 1986 )
6. Cincinatti - Holidaymakers ( Woosh 1988 )
7. Brian Rix - The Brilliant Corners ( ss20 Records 1987 )
8. Seeing Is Believing - Paul Kelly & The Dots ( Mushroom Australia 1980 )
9. Safety Net - The Madeleines ( Destructible 2005 )
10. Pictures on My Wall - Echo & The Bunnymen ( Zoo Recs 1979 )
( duration 29mins, 320kps mp3 )
( rec with Ableton Live & Dynasone Multiband Maximiser VST, encoded w/ Lame via NMP3 Ripper )

Podcast 2 - link 1

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Seven Inch Singles in the side room

These days with the music coming into my life seeming to be 75% downloads ( eh-hem some of them legal ) or ripping via iTunes, I was in the sideroom the other night and noticed how neglected some of my 7 inch vinyl collection is. Stuff lying everywhere, in a mess and who knows what is where !!

So I thought I'd start a podcast and at least play them. The rule I made up is not for me to "program" them in any special order but to pick up them up and just play them in the order they come out. Obviously after the floor is cleaned up then I'll move onto the shelves...

I live in Sydney, Australia, and the singles in this particular room seem to be, for some reason, an awful lot of my c-86 era vinyl plus a whole lot of Aussie indie & post punk from the 80's, plus the odd recent purchase ( of course I still buy them !! )

Anyhow here's what's on Podcast 1

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #1
1. Hug Me Honey - Lovejoy ( Matinee Recs 2001 )
2. Surfin' Into Your Heart - The Groove Farm ( Subway Recs 1987 )
3. Fun Loving - Dropbears ( no label, Aust 1981 )
4. Dean's Eleventh Dream - James Dean Driving Experience ( Autumn Glow Recs 1988 )
5. Living China Doll - Moving Parts ( Alternative Recs Aust 1980 )
6. What Else Is There ? - Rokysopp ( Wall Of Sound 2005 )
7. Grey Skies Blue - The Submarines ( Head Recs 1987 )
8. The Adam Faith Experience - Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes ( Speed Recs 1987 )
9. Don't Believe A Word I Say - Sportique ( Matinee 2000 )
10. Do What You Will - The Shamen ( Soma 1987 )
( duration 28mins, 320kps mp3 )
( rec with Ableton Live & Dynasone Multiband Maximiser VST, encoded w/ Lame via NMP3 Ripper )

The Shamen song is actually the b-side to the "Something About You" single, Sportique features not only Gregory Webster but Amelia Fletcher on back vocals, the Moving Parts single is a classic of the Sydney music scene circa 1980, the Dropbears are also from Sydney. The Lovejoy single is them "playing the hits of Biff Bang Pow" and is dedicated to the memory of Creation Records.

Podcast 1 - link 1