Sunday, January 26, 2014

#119 - even more all Australian

The total Australian records still coming out of the pile ( and will do for a few more weeks ) - also so much extra stuff play coming out of today's to play on "From Another Side" that I've had to break that into 2 parts - ie a "Sydney" and a"Melbourne" half...more on that on the other blog.

As far as here goes....we start with Love Positions from Sydney who were Robyn St Clare ( Hummingbirds etc ) and Nic Dalton ( in oh sooo many bands - eg Lemonheads, Plunderers, Ratcat , etc ) and their single "Light Of Day".

Then 2 singles from Models, basically the same a-side of "Local &/or General", firstly from the Aussie ( Mushroom ) release ( title track from the album of course ) and then from the UK release of the same thing, though this album ( and version of the single ) was  remixed...."Bantam Had" was the b-side of said UK single. You can hear the UK a side of "Local &/or General"and the original Aust album version of "Bantam Had" on From Another Side ( the Melbourne half ) as well as "comparisons" between the Oz and UK versions of this album.

Next up today is another Skolars single, I think the other week when I played "Precious Love" I said that was their last single though now I'm not sure because now I think maybe "Where Is She ?" was their last - or vice versa and happy to be corrected as always. More Skolars ( and associated friends ) on the Sydney half of From Another Side.

Surprise Surprise were Sydneyites, the Enz and Boom Crash I'm sure you know all about.

We've got a "Dots" era Paul Kelly single, though "Want You Back" is the b-side of "Lowdown" ( both tracks on the Talk album ), besides the fact there's a dity big scratch on the a-side I also like "Want You Back" more as a song. ( Lowdown's on the Melbourne From Another Side, from the album and thus sans scratch ).

Finally we have a a supergroup of sorts in Sacred Cowboys,  featuring all kinds of former and future luminaries from the Melbourne scene of the time.

Speaking of Melbourne and Mushroom Records the exhibition 'Melbourne, Music & Me ( 40 Years of Mushroom Records" is still on at the RMIT gallery in Melbourne ( until March 3 ) and worth dropping by for a wander around if you're in Melbourne ( or like me if you could go down especially ).

#119 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #119
1. Light Of Day - Love Positions ( Half A Cow Aust 1990 )
2. Sometime Today - The Tripps ( Waterfront Aust 1986 )
3. Local &/or General ( Aust version ) - Models ( Mushroom Aust 1981 )
4. Bantam Had ( UK version ) - Models ( Arista UK ( Promo ) 1982 )
5. Where Is She ? - Skolars ( Ruse Aust 1989 )
6. Cried All My Tears - Surprise Surprise ( Method Recs Aust 1986 )
7. I Walk Away - Split Enz ( Mushroom Aust 1984 )
8. Hands Up In The Air - Boom Crash Opera ( WEA Aust 1986 )
9. Want You Back - Paul Kelly And The Dots ( Mushroom Aust 1981 )
10. Nothing Grows In Texas - Sacred Cowboys ( White Label Recs Aust 1982 )
( duration 34.02, vbr lame mp3 )

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