Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hollow Heart to Hollow Heart...podcast # 22

If the songs on the podcasts on this blog weren't chosen totally by chance ( like they are ) I would never program 2 songs with the same name, and certainly not the first and last tracks, but that's what's happened today with the mysterious appearance of two songs called Hollow Heart, one by The Weather Prophets, the other by Birdland. And there ya have it.

Mmm ? A palandrome of sorts ??

I seem to have a billion Bodines singles don't I ? Whatever they're all ace.

And I chose the bside to Wah! because it's a "talking song" and ever since Convoy I've been rather partial to a "talking song" ( lol ).

The Joey Vincent thing is a moniker of Joe Camilleri aka Jo Jo Zep aka the front dude of The Black Sorrows. This particular single was from a box set of 5 songs on Joe's own indie label called Mighty Records, which featured himself and other members of his then band The Falcons doing solo projects under various aliases. Nosey Parker ( b/w Lovin' You) & was Joe living out his reggae fantasies to the max. On ya Jo Jo :)

The Surf Drums is another b-side...last time they were here ( on podcast 16 ) I also chose the b-side, both times reminding myself that "back in the day" I was much the same, not liking the A-side as much. Even if both singles were produced by old Slaughter Joe himself (Foster ).

Another weird co-incidence to partner the double Hollow Heart experience of today is that The Sparklers appeared in the pile, being the band Peter Oxley formed with his little sis Melanie after the demise of The Sunnyboys ( who I couldn't help but bung on about last podcast ).

I have also done a "copycat" podcast to the ones on this blog on my other blog Humans Beware, chosing only 7" singles ( and one rogue 12" ) the difference between here and there is I was in control of the selection over there, rather than leaving it to total chance like I do here. Anyway over on the other side there are singles from The Violets, Strange Idols, Fields, Celestial, Apple Orchard, Tillmans, Hot Chip, Dreams End, My Darling You! and Panda Bears.

The other difference is that those singles are all recent purchases and kept elsewhere other than the famous "sideroom" from which I have so happily drawn upon for this blog. But the different rooms and different storage areas for my records is something for the Japanese tour groups to discover.

Meantime, here is
Podcast 22 - link 1

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #22
Hollow Heart - The Weather Prophets ( Creation 1988 )
2. Slip Slide - The Bodines ( Magnet 1987 )
3. The Story Of The Blues ( pt 2 ) - Wah! ( Eternal 1982)
4. Life Of Crime - The Flatmates ( Subway 1987)
5. Nosey Parker - Joey Vincent ( Mighty Recs Aust 1980 )
6. All There Is - Surf Drums ( Kaleidoscope 1987 )
7. Merry Go Round - The Sparklers ( Mighty Boy Aus 1987 )
8. Run For Your Life - Sweet William ( Matinee 1997 )
9. New Age - Pauline Murray & The Storm ( Polestar 1986 )
10. Hollow Heart - Birdland ( Lazy 1989 )
( duration 29 mins, 320kps mp3 )

Friday, January 26, 2007

21 today !

To settle any we have the ABSOLUTE original version of "Alone With You" by The Sunnyboys from their first ep on Phantom, specifically the 7" ( of course if it's here on this blog ! ). This original Phantom version has turned up on a few CD comps but as far as I have ever heard they always seem to use the version from the 12" re-issue which came out not long after the 7". This 12" version of the song fades out before the finish which is annoying. But not today, it's the whole thing for a change, without fade out, from my much loved 7".

As far as I can work out the 12" version existed because rather than repress the 7" they felt they needed to remix the master tape and re-order the songs. The 7" was always slightly lower sound quality than it needed to be, with a disclaimer on the back that it was "mastered at less than normal volume to retain maximum quality". In my older wiser years I know this claim bollocks ! And the guys at Phantom Records were sold a dud concept on this one. Anyway the 7" was low level and I guess this is why they wanted to hurriedly repress it louder and better and on 12".

But enough of my little Sunnyboys rant !!

Podcast 21 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #21
Way Behind Me - The Primitives ( Lazy/RCA 1988 )
2. ( I Can't Seem ) To Make You Mine - The Clientele feat Pam Berry ( Johnny Kane 2001 )
3. Crush The Lily - Chad's Tree ( Hot Recs Aust 1985)
4. Two Hearts Together - Orange Juice ( Polydor 1982)
5. Poised Over The Pause Button - This Poison! ( Reception 1987 )
6. Neon Rainbow- The Box Tops ( Stateside 1967 )
7. I Need Two Heads - The Go-Betweens ( Missing Link Aus 1980 )
8. Burn Clear - Something Happens ( Cooking Vinyl 1986 )
9. Alone With You - Sunnyboys ( Phantom Recs Aust 1980 )
10. Teenage - The Brilliant Corners ( McQueen Recs 1988 )
( duration 30 mins, 320kps mp3 )

Thursday, January 25, 2007

podcast 20 is finally online

Well after a huge delay in getting some problems with my broadband access sorted I am happy to say that *finally* I can upload podcast 20, which has been sitting on my computer for nearly a week now. Phew...

Podcast 20 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #20
One Of These Days - The Sandkings ( Long Beach 1988 )
2. Tiny Words - The Orchids ( Sarah 1988 )
3. Fedora - Sweet William ( Library Recs Aust 1999)
4. Happy Hour - The Housemartins ( Chrysalis 1986)
5. Oh Brother ! - The Fall ( Beggars Banquet 1984 )
6. In The Bumpy Air- Gnac ( Octane Grammophon 2001 )
7. I Didn't Mean To Hurt You - Felt ( Creation 1986 )
8. Gold Watch - Tactics ( Green Recs Aust 1982 )
9. Pro Celebrity Standing Around - The Montgolfier Brothers ( Poptones 2001 )
10. The Unguarded Moment - The Church ( EMI Aust 1980 )
( duration 31 mins, 320kps mp3 )

Monday, January 22, 2007

broadband problems

I am having problems with my broadband which is stopping me making new posts until I have it a minor delay !!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Surf's Up In Bristol again !! Podcast 19

Hang Ten !!! Bristol-stylee...The Groove Farm are back with a pretty serious little surf instrumental from their pre-Subway ep ( ie the "Only The Most Ignorant Gutless Sheep-Brained Poltroon Can Deny Them Now" Ep ). And finally some more Go-Betweens !, another Bodines ( god their singles were awesome ), a Shinkansen effort from Cody, some of the mighty Mr M Hannett's work with the Invisible Girls, a few Aussie things in a Sydney band called Jump Vision and the first single from INXS "Simple Simon", which is vastly different from their later work. I could never ever knock a Sheffield band but the Darling Buds are sounding their most Primitives like. Also the A-side of The Vaselines single, that is the A-side to Molly's Lips which was on that Rough Trade comp.

There's also a Swedish only podcast up at my alternative blog Humans Beware, featuring songs by Kuraykin, Parker Lewis, Days, Juni Jarvi, Diktendo, El Perro Del Mar, The Ruling Class, Mixtapes & Cellmates, Junior Station, Everyday Sensations, Most Valuable Players and The Bridal Shop...which is well worth a listen, if only for The Ruling Class who seriously take up The Stone Roses/Charlatans/Madchester baton and run with it perfectly.

Enjoy it all :)

Podcast 19 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #19
Spring Rain - The Go-Betweens ( Truetone Aust 1986 )
2. Saturday Night Special - Fad Gadget ( Mute 1982 )
3. Surfin' Impossible - The Groove Farm ( Raving Pop Blast! 1986)
4. Anticyclone - Cody ( Shinkansen 1998)
5. Dream Sequences - Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls ( Illusive 1980 )
6. God Bless - The Bodines ( Creation 1986 )
7. I Can't Get Used To You - Jump Vision ( Basilisk Aust 1980 )
8. Dying For It - The Vaselines ( 53rd & 3rd 1987 )
9. Simple Simon - INXS ( Deluxe Aust 1980 )
10. It's All Up To You - The Darling Buds ( Native 1988 )
( duration 29 mins, 320kps mp3 )

Saturday, January 13, 2007

old enough to drink...podcast #18

well at least in Australia 18 is the legal age for drinking...a bit older in other countries I believe !! What are you waiting for ?

Something about the Wedding Present song made me laugh today as it's such a rough old demo quality or in in modern speak like a 96kps song on myspace. The Jesus & Mary Chain IS a demo apparentely ( and from the bside of Darklands ), but it's meant to be that way, unlike Gedgey's work. Today we also hear from Dance Set which was an offshoot group of Rob Griffith's of The Little Murders from Melbourne who showed up on podcast #5 with "She Lets Me Know". As far as I remember this was the one and only Dance Set release. The Wishing Stones song is the b-side to"The Old Road Out Of Town", I found the a-side a bit boring if the truth be known. The Widdershins were a band formed by ex members of The Lighthouse Keepers who have shown up on both this and my other blog Humans Beware. The Scritti single is just when they started to go a bit schmicko. I have the early Scritti punkoid singles ( and the later ones !! when he/they went totally schmicko ) so I suspect they'll appear here eventually.

Podcast 18 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #18
On The Wall ( Porta Studio demo ) - The Jesus & Mary Chain ( WEA 1987 )
2. You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends - The Wedding Present ( Reception Recs 1986 )
3. Melody Smiles - Dance Set ( Au Go Go recs Aust 1981)
4. Over My Head - The Wishing Stones ( Sub Aqua 1988)
5. Oblivious - Aztec Camera ( Rough Trade 1982 )
6. The Trumpet Song - The Particles ( Waterfront Aust 1983 )
7. I Shouldn't Have To Say - The Rosehips ( Subway 1987 )
8. Frans Hals - McCarthy ( Pink 1986 )
9. Now You Know - Widdershins ( Waterfront Aust 1987 )
10. The Sweetest Girl - Scritti Politti ( Rough Trade 1981 )
( duration 32 mins, 320kps mp3 )

Monday, January 8, 2007

more on Love Of Loves

As promised in last post you can hear the original "Love Of Loves" by The Singles at Humans Beware, plus I've kinda kept in more in the UK this time ( as opposed to the Scandinavian bands ) with ( the awesome ) Sailplanes, The Violets ( UK, not the US ones ), Cause Co-Motion, The Lodger and The Boyfriends, but then I did throw in a few Swedes ala Love Is All and The Javelins ( ie those little nosebleeders Faintest Ideas under their original name ) and their Nordic neighbours Je Suis Animal. Check it out !!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Love of Loves & Horror of Horrors...podcast # 17

Hey thanks again to everyone who writes to say they like !!

A few other people have written asking what reasoning I use to program these's totally random, as I explained when I started I am just going through the piles of my old singles without knowing what's next and playing/recording ten singles at a time, totally unplanned and seeing what comes out. Simple formula which is kinda working so far :)

First out today was a double A-side by Sydney band The Skolars and after scratching my head deciding which A side to use I chose 'Love Of Loves' because it is a cover of another Sydney band called The Singles, who featured on podcast#11 with 'Someone That I Knew' and I never actually owned their version of 'Love Of Loves' and always wanted it...and it's actually still as great as done by The Skolars as you can hear. I now have a copy on a CD comp of The Singles version and I will include that ASAP on a Humans Beware post.

And then the horror of horrors of my day is that my 7" copy of 'Thru The Flowers' by The Primitives has a freakin' jump/scratch on the first chorus - which is most distressing !! I have the song in about 6 other formats.....but still... :( Anyhow I chose the B-side for today.

There's also a few post-punky tracks in the Modettes and Wire which I have been suspecting the post punk would start appearing soon as I may in fact have more of that than the jangly c-86 type stuff oddly enough !!

JFK & The Cuban Crisis were originally from Brisbane and in my old age my memory is failing me a bit but I'm pretty sure they moved to Sydney in around 81-82. If they didn't move to Sydney they were down here a lot because I saw 'em play live a fair bit and they did put out some singles via (the great ) Waterfront label who were of course based in Sydney.

Podcast 17 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #17
Love Of Loves - The Skolars ( Waterfront Aust 1987 )
2. Everything Shining Bright - The Primitives ( Lazy 1987 )
3. Paint It Black - Mo-dettes ( Decca 1980)
4. You Deserve More Than A Maybe - St Christopher ( Sarah 1988)
5. Am I A Pagan ? - JFK & The Cuban Crisis ( Two Possibilities Aust 1981 )
6. Cold Heart - The Jasmine Minks ( Creation 1986 )
7. Dumb Waiters - The Psychedelic Furs ( CBS 1981 )
8. Living Edge - The Pranksters ( Waterfront Aust 1988 )
9. Gentle Tuesday - Primal Scream ( WEA 1987 )
10. Our Swimmer - Wire ( Rough Trade 1979 )
( duration 32 mins, 320kps mp3 )

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Juicy Sixteen ! Podcast #16

Here's a weird connection for you, Simon the guitarist from The Hummingbirds ( Track 3 ) sold me the Armoury Show single ( Track 5 ) when he was working at Phantom Records ( see a much earlier post for my little lovestruck rave about Phantom the record store ). It's also his handwriting all over the Armoury Show cover extoling it's virtues with all kinds of expletives. He also needed to break out many different coloured pens just to drive the point home....he obviously loved the song. I walked in one afternoon and he insisted I buy it !! Which is/was OK because I like it too. So yeah...good on you Simon :)

Oh and Jesse Garon are back....I think they're winning the most appearances on this site contest so far. Not only that Grand Hotel is a one sided single. Honeymoon in Green were a great Melbourne band, who sadly recorded very little but were great live.

Podcast 16 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #16
I've Got a Habit - The Orchids ( Sarah 1987 )
2. Impact - Saloon ( Glamourpuss 2001 )
3. Alimony - The Hummingbirds ( Phantom Aust 1987)
4. She's Not Giving - Surf Drums ( Kaleidoscope 1987 )
5. Love In Anger - The Armoury Show ( Parlophone 1987 )
6. The Good Mood - Honeymoon In Green ( Mad On Mercy Aust 1983 )
7. You Kill Me - Harper Lee ( Matinee 2000 )
8. Farther Along - Fort Dax ( Static Caravan 2001 )
9. Grand Hotel - Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes ( Avalanche 1989 )
10. She Walks Down - Other Voices ( Waterfront Aust 1985 )
( duration 34 mins, 320kps mp3 )

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year ! Podcast #15 + alternative download links

Happy New Year ;) and I hope you had a nice holiday, like me !!

First up for the new year - I am now providing an alternative download link as well, for all those people who have had probs with the old ones. Over time I will slowly add the alternative link for the previous 14 podcasts as well.

Also theres 2 new podcasts over at Humans Beware, which is a hangover from before Christmas which I never got around to putting up and then decided to revamp them anyway, seriously well worth chceking out, featuring songs by Je Suis Animal, Dýrðin, Said The Shark, The Hit Parade, Love Is All, Voxtrot, Loveninjas, The Cherry Orchard, The Airfields, Liechtenstein, The Zebras, The Manhattan Love Suicides, Jim Noir, Year Zero, The Servants, Starflower, Vapnet, The Clouds and Bobby Baby.

Track 4 of this new podcast is from Zagreb, nowadays in Croatia but at the time the record was made, it was the country of Yugoslavia, and the record comes out on the Jugoton label, which was a big "official" label at the time. Its one of a few records I picked up once somewhere and always wished I'd gotten more. The East Village song is the b-side to "Cubans In the Bluefields". And with The Chills single it was always a really crappy pressing and was totally fuzzy/damaged when I got the time there weren't many Flying Nun records in Australia and I always wondered if somehow my copy had to be smuggled into the country in a an old pair of Tim Finn's underpants or something !! Whatever though...enjoy...

Podcast 15 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #15
Strawberry Window - East Village ( Sub Aqua 1988 )
2. Of The Matter - The Wake ( Factory 1985 )
3. Plastic Smile - Bubblegum Splash ( Subway 1987)
4. Moje Oci - Biserka Spevec ( Jugoton 1968?? )
5. West - Gol Gappas ( El 1986 )
6. Pink Frost - The Chills ( Flying Nun NZ 1984 )
7. Living In Another World - Talk Talk ( EMI 1986 )
8. Brainwashed - A.E.I.O.U. ( Au Go Go Aust 1981 )
9. This Means War - The Beloved ( Flim Flam 1986 )
10. Blue Surburban Skies - Even As We Speak ( BHP Aust 1988 )
( duration 30 mins, 320kps mp3 )