Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year ! Podcast #15 + alternative download links

Happy New Year ;) and I hope you had a nice holiday, like me !!

First up for the new year - I am now providing an alternative download link as well, for all those people who have had probs with the old ones. Over time I will slowly add the alternative link for the previous 14 podcasts as well.

Also theres 2 new podcasts over at Humans Beware, which is a hangover from before Christmas which I never got around to putting up and then decided to revamp them anyway, seriously well worth chceking out, featuring songs by Je Suis Animal, Dýrðin, Said The Shark, The Hit Parade, Love Is All, Voxtrot, Loveninjas, The Cherry Orchard, The Airfields, Liechtenstein, The Zebras, The Manhattan Love Suicides, Jim Noir, Year Zero, The Servants, Starflower, Vapnet, The Clouds and Bobby Baby.

Track 4 of this new podcast is from Zagreb, nowadays in Croatia but at the time the record was made, it was the country of Yugoslavia, and the record comes out on the Jugoton label, which was a big "official" label at the time. Its one of a few records I picked up once somewhere and always wished I'd gotten more. The East Village song is the b-side to "Cubans In the Bluefields". And with The Chills single it was always a really crappy pressing and was totally fuzzy/damaged when I got the time there weren't many Flying Nun records in Australia and I always wondered if somehow my copy had to be smuggled into the country in a an old pair of Tim Finn's underpants or something !! Whatever though...enjoy...

Podcast 15 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #15
Strawberry Window - East Village ( Sub Aqua 1988 )
2. Of The Matter - The Wake ( Factory 1985 )
3. Plastic Smile - Bubblegum Splash ( Subway 1987)
4. Moje Oci - Biserka Spevec ( Jugoton 1968?? )
5. West - Gol Gappas ( El 1986 )
6. Pink Frost - The Chills ( Flying Nun NZ 1984 )
7. Living In Another World - Talk Talk ( EMI 1986 )
8. Brainwashed - A.E.I.O.U. ( Au Go Go Aust 1981 )
9. This Means War - The Beloved ( Flim Flam 1986 )
10. Blue Surburban Skies - Even As We Speak ( BHP Aust 1988 )
( duration 30 mins, 320kps mp3 )

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