Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Surf's Up In Bristol again !! Podcast 19

Hang Ten !!! Bristol-stylee...The Groove Farm are back with a pretty serious little surf instrumental from their pre-Subway ep ( ie the "Only The Most Ignorant Gutless Sheep-Brained Poltroon Can Deny Them Now" Ep ). And finally some more Go-Betweens !, another Bodines ( god their singles were awesome ), a Shinkansen effort from Cody, some of the mighty Mr M Hannett's work with the Invisible Girls, a few Aussie things in a Sydney band called Jump Vision and the first single from INXS "Simple Simon", which is vastly different from their later work. I could never ever knock a Sheffield band but the Darling Buds are sounding their most Primitives like. Also the A-side of The Vaselines single, that is the A-side to Molly's Lips which was on that Rough Trade comp.

There's also a Swedish only podcast up at my alternative blog Humans Beware, featuring songs by Kuraykin, Parker Lewis, Days, Juni Jarvi, Diktendo, El Perro Del Mar, The Ruling Class, Mixtapes & Cellmates, Junior Station, Everyday Sensations, Most Valuable Players and The Bridal Shop...which is well worth a listen, if only for The Ruling Class who seriously take up The Stone Roses/Charlatans/Madchester baton and run with it perfectly.

Enjoy it all :)

Podcast 19 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #19
Spring Rain - The Go-Betweens ( Truetone Aust 1986 )
2. Saturday Night Special - Fad Gadget ( Mute 1982 )
3. Surfin' Impossible - The Groove Farm ( Raving Pop Blast! 1986)
4. Anticyclone - Cody ( Shinkansen 1998)
5. Dream Sequences - Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls ( Illusive 1980 )
6. God Bless - The Bodines ( Creation 1986 )
7. I Can't Get Used To You - Jump Vision ( Basilisk Aust 1980 )
8. Dying For It - The Vaselines ( 53rd & 3rd 1987 )
9. Simple Simon - INXS ( Deluxe Aust 1980 )
10. It's All Up To You - The Darling Buds ( Native 1988 )
( duration 29 mins, 320kps mp3 )


Baraholka said...


Dream Sequence - can you believe I tried Googling for this track a week or so ago ? I remembered it as "Dream Sequences Part 3" and couldn't remember the band name.
Didn't find it. Then I thought I'd randomly check out Sideroom PodCast #21, that being my old footy guernsey number at High School, and just down the page there it was "Dream Sequence by Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls." Sweet!!!

I remember taping this song pretty early after my discovery of 5MMM and it was a super-favourite.

I should check out my parents house and see if any of my old tapes have survived...

Well done Sidey. This song is a genuine classic.

Best Regards,


sideroom said...

hey yes - DO go to your parents house and see if the cassettes exist - and then blog them of course - play them as they are, I'm sure they're gold !!

Baraholka said...

Sidey - that is a bloody good idea. Have a Family Size Half-Hawaiin Half Super Supreme on me :-)

Cheers !


Mark E. Mark said...

Fantastic to come across a digital version of one of my ancient songs (Jump Vision) -- thank you.


sideroom said...

no probs, great record - both sides !