Sunday, January 7, 2007

Love of Loves & Horror of Horrors...podcast # 17

Hey thanks again to everyone who writes to say they like !!

A few other people have written asking what reasoning I use to program these's totally random, as I explained when I started I am just going through the piles of my old singles without knowing what's next and playing/recording ten singles at a time, totally unplanned and seeing what comes out. Simple formula which is kinda working so far :)

First out today was a double A-side by Sydney band The Skolars and after scratching my head deciding which A side to use I chose 'Love Of Loves' because it is a cover of another Sydney band called The Singles, who featured on podcast#11 with 'Someone That I Knew' and I never actually owned their version of 'Love Of Loves' and always wanted it...and it's actually still as great as done by The Skolars as you can hear. I now have a copy on a CD comp of The Singles version and I will include that ASAP on a Humans Beware post.

And then the horror of horrors of my day is that my 7" copy of 'Thru The Flowers' by The Primitives has a freakin' jump/scratch on the first chorus - which is most distressing !! I have the song in about 6 other formats.....but still... :( Anyhow I chose the B-side for today.

There's also a few post-punky tracks in the Modettes and Wire which I have been suspecting the post punk would start appearing soon as I may in fact have more of that than the jangly c-86 type stuff oddly enough !!

JFK & The Cuban Crisis were originally from Brisbane and in my old age my memory is failing me a bit but I'm pretty sure they moved to Sydney in around 81-82. If they didn't move to Sydney they were down here a lot because I saw 'em play live a fair bit and they did put out some singles via (the great ) Waterfront label who were of course based in Sydney.

Podcast 17 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #17
Love Of Loves - The Skolars ( Waterfront Aust 1987 )
2. Everything Shining Bright - The Primitives ( Lazy 1987 )
3. Paint It Black - Mo-dettes ( Decca 1980)
4. You Deserve More Than A Maybe - St Christopher ( Sarah 1988)
5. Am I A Pagan ? - JFK & The Cuban Crisis ( Two Possibilities Aust 1981 )
6. Cold Heart - The Jasmine Minks ( Creation 1986 )
7. Dumb Waiters - The Psychedelic Furs ( CBS 1981 )
8. Living Edge - The Pranksters ( Waterfront Aust 1988 )
9. Gentle Tuesday - Primal Scream ( WEA 1987 )
10. Our Swimmer - Wire ( Rough Trade 1979 )
( duration 32 mins, 320kps mp3 )

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