Saturday, January 13, 2007

old enough to drink...podcast #18

well at least in Australia 18 is the legal age for drinking...a bit older in other countries I believe !! What are you waiting for ?

Something about the Wedding Present song made me laugh today as it's such a rough old demo quality or in in modern speak like a 96kps song on myspace. The Jesus & Mary Chain IS a demo apparentely ( and from the bside of Darklands ), but it's meant to be that way, unlike Gedgey's work. Today we also hear from Dance Set which was an offshoot group of Rob Griffith's of The Little Murders from Melbourne who showed up on podcast #5 with "She Lets Me Know". As far as I remember this was the one and only Dance Set release. The Wishing Stones song is the b-side to"The Old Road Out Of Town", I found the a-side a bit boring if the truth be known. The Widdershins were a band formed by ex members of The Lighthouse Keepers who have shown up on both this and my other blog Humans Beware. The Scritti single is just when they started to go a bit schmicko. I have the early Scritti punkoid singles ( and the later ones !! when he/they went totally schmicko ) so I suspect they'll appear here eventually.

Podcast 18 - link

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #18
On The Wall ( Porta Studio demo ) - The Jesus & Mary Chain ( WEA 1987 )
2. You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends - The Wedding Present ( Reception Recs 1986 )
3. Melody Smiles - Dance Set ( Au Go Go recs Aust 1981)
4. Over My Head - The Wishing Stones ( Sub Aqua 1988)
5. Oblivious - Aztec Camera ( Rough Trade 1982 )
6. The Trumpet Song - The Particles ( Waterfront Aust 1983 )
7. I Shouldn't Have To Say - The Rosehips ( Subway 1987 )
8. Frans Hals - McCarthy ( Pink 1986 )
9. Now You Know - Widdershins ( Waterfront Aust 1987 )
10. The Sweetest Girl - Scritti Politti ( Rough Trade 1981 )
( duration 32 mins, 320kps mp3 )


jess manuel said...

hi. can you do an alternate link to your early podcasts(1-6)?

sideroom said...
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sideroom said...

hey yeah, over time, no problems, 6 & 5 went up today, check back later for the other ealier ones ;)