Friday, November 24, 2006

Double Post today !! Two new podcasts :)

Been out of action the last 2 days, yesterday I had to get the cat to and from the vet for an operation ( in very hot weather ) and spend the time in between worrying about her...and today I had a new bed delivered and it was harder than rocket science to figure out the diagrams of how to put it fact rocket science would have been a pushover compared to this. Simple I know, in theory, constructing a bed, but this one was totally baffling. As The Bodines say - "it scares the health out of me"

To make up for it, there's two new podcasts up right now :)

Podcast 4

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #4
Let's Be Sophisticated - International Exiles ( Missing Link Aust 1980 )
2. Comin' Through - The Pastels ( Glass 1987 )
3. Therese - The Bodines ( Pop 1987 )
4. Squeeze - Toy Love ( Deluxe 1981 )
5. Dear Friend - Flying Color ( Shigaku 1987 )
6. Love's Going Out Of Fashion - Biff Bang Pow ( Creation 1986 )
7. The Beautiful Things - Spearmint ( hiBack Records 2000 )
8. Turn The Circle Around - Inspiral Carpets ( Playtime 1988 )
9. Really Stupid - The Primitives ( Lazy 1986 )
10. Behind Dark Glasses - Popgun Men ( no label 1979 )
( duration 30 mins, 320kps mp3 )
( rec with Ableton Live & Dynasone Multiband Maximiser VST, encoded w/ Lame via NMP3 Ripper )

The Spearmint song is one of 2 on the B-side of their "You Are Still My Brother" single, Toy Love are from New Zealand and both the International Exiles and Popgun Men were Melbourne bands. "Therese" by The Bodines is conicidentally one of my top 5 fave singles from the c-86 era.

One the things that amuses me about the Inspiral Carpets single suddenly appearing is that Jonny B mentioned on his blog - - how (quote) "we'd often in our youth make a mad dash to Waterfront records where a brown paper bag lay under the counter and whoever got there first got the fruits that lay within"...Waterfront being a record store in Sydney...well the Inspiral Carpets 7" was one I did get via that way, only because the guy behind the counter used to put records aside for both myself and Jonny B, while at the same time playing us off against each other !! Anyhow I'm glad he did because at the time of that Inspiral Carpets release they were a totally unheard of band, especially in Australia, and they only ever got the one copy into the shop and decided I should have it. Superb !! There were other records like that, but as I said they played Jonny B and I off against each other - by on the same day unknown to me giving Jonny some little juicy gem.

Not to matter as Jonny B and I are old friends and would play the music to each other, just we would tease each other about having records the other didn't. These days in older& wiser state we wouldn't be that childish.

Nah.....of course we would.

Anyway stay tuned for Podcast 5....really soon

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