Sunday, November 26, 2006

Podcast 6 and about smaller files

I've had a few requests to break the file up into 3 portions to make the downloading will try and figure that out ( maybe ). I have also had a request to provide individual mp3's but that's a bit more time consuming then I have time for, as I basically record the 10 singles "live" into one file and then just convert that to mp3, which is the quickest way, so I'm not sure about providing 10 single mp3's, so not yet, sorry :)

Meantime coming up off the floor today are some Wedding Present, Flatmates, Brilliant Corners, My Bloody Valentine, Mo-dettes and Moodists. Cool !!

Podcast 6

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #6
Benefit Of The Doubt - The Crystal Set ( Red Eye Aust 1986 )
2. I Could Be In Heaven - The Flatmates ( Subway 1986 )
3. Delilah Sands - The Brilliant Corners ( ss20 Recs 1987 )
4. Face With No Name - The Passengers ( Phantom Aust 1979 )
5. That Means Nothing To You - Jim's Twenty One ( Tulip Belgium 1987 )
6. Nobodys Twisting Your Arm - The Wedding Present ( Reception 1988 )
7. White Mice - Mo-Dettes ( no label 1980 )
8. You Ungrateful Bastard - 1000 Violins ( Constrictor 1986 )
9. Paint A Rainbow - My Bloody Valentine ( Lazy 1987 )
10. Where The Trees Walk Downhill - Moodists ( Au Go Go Aust 1981 )
( duration 28 mins, 320kps mp3 )

I was tossing and turning wondering which side of the My Bloody Valentine single to put up as I love both sides and in the end tossed a coin, and so that's how I chose the b-side, even if it was on that Rough Trade comp. The three Australian records are all from labels which were also record shops - The Passengers were from Sydney and this was the first release on the Phantom Records label, from an awesome shop ( formerly at 375 Pitt St Sydney and sadly long since gone but I still sometimes walk past there and remember how important the record shop was to me, now it's some dodgy computer store or something ), The Crystal Set who also popped up on Podcast 3 came out via Red Eye Records, and the shop is still going strong !! Last time I should have mentioned that The Crystal Set had Russell Kilbey as one of it's members, brother of Steve Kilbey from The Church.

In my hazy memory, which is failing me a bit these days I thought that The Moodists were from Perth ( featuring Dave Graney ) but someone has written to say he thinks they're from South Australia, so I am willing to believe that !! Anyway the single featured today came out via the Melbourne label/shop Au Go Go Records, who are also still open for business. Speaking of Melbourne record shops, and Exposure Records ( in Kew ) ( next to 3MBS-FM ) ( but not near 5MBS-FM ) that is where I bought Delilah Sands by the Brilliant Corners. And earlier on I mentioned Therese by The Bodines as being in my Top 5 of the c86 era, well Delilah Sands is definitely Numero Uno. It was also blogged/podcast the other day on Jonny B's site and yes he beat me to the punchline there ( but not the paunch ) but in his defence he did put me onto that song in the first place ( as well as physically take me to Exposure Records on the tram to buy it ) good on ya Jonny. The band Jim's Twenty One were from Brussels, and I think it could be my only Belgie 7" !! And is it just me or did David Gedge of The Wedding Present always have shocking luck with the ladies ??


eddy said...

actually, i'm pretty sure the moodists were from adelaide (isn't dave graney a mt gambier boy?) and in their previous incarnation they were known as sputniks. missing link, at its first flinders lane location, had half-a-rack of the one and only sputniks single sitting around, unsold, for ages. i never bought it, i never heard it and i wonder where all those records ended up.

sideroom said...

yes you are probably right about the Moodists...was Graney a Perth boy though and The Sputniks etc Croweaters ?? Or was Graney always in the earlier hazy !! So long ago !! Yes i'd love to see those records myself...

sideroom said...

ps eddy, thanks for caring anyway !! I changed the post to say they're from SA :)

anarchaeologist said...

Funny (and great) seeing Jim's 21 here. Thet were actually mostly Scottish (rather than Belgian). Great site thanks!

sideroom said...

aahhh yes I found that out afterwards they are indeed Scottish - and even now still a great record !!!