Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Seven Inch Singles in the side room

These days with the music coming into my life seeming to be 75% downloads ( eh-hem some of them legal ) or ripping via iTunes, I was in the sideroom the other night and noticed how neglected some of my 7 inch vinyl collection is. Stuff lying everywhere, in a mess and who knows what is where !!

So I thought I'd start a podcast and at least play them. The rule I made up is not for me to "program" them in any special order but to pick up them up and just play them in the order they come out. Obviously after the floor is cleaned up then I'll move onto the shelves...

I live in Sydney, Australia, and the singles in this particular room seem to be, for some reason, an awful lot of my c-86 era vinyl plus a whole lot of Aussie indie & post punk from the 80's, plus the odd recent purchase ( of course I still buy them !! )

Anyhow here's what's on Podcast 1

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #1
1. Hug Me Honey - Lovejoy ( Matinee Recs 2001 )
2. Surfin' Into Your Heart - The Groove Farm ( Subway Recs 1987 )
3. Fun Loving - Dropbears ( no label, Aust 1981 )
4. Dean's Eleventh Dream - James Dean Driving Experience ( Autumn Glow Recs 1988 )
5. Living China Doll - Moving Parts ( Alternative Recs Aust 1980 )
6. What Else Is There ? - Rokysopp ( Wall Of Sound 2005 )
7. Grey Skies Blue - The Submarines ( Head Recs 1987 )
8. The Adam Faith Experience - Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes ( Speed Recs 1987 )
9. Don't Believe A Word I Say - Sportique ( Matinee 2000 )
10. Do What You Will - The Shamen ( Soma 1987 )
( duration 28mins, 320kps mp3 )
( rec with Ableton Live & Dynasone Multiband Maximiser VST, encoded w/ Lame via NMP3 Ripper )

The Shamen song is actually the b-side to the "Something About You" single, Sportique features not only Gregory Webster but Amelia Fletcher on back vocals, the Moving Parts single is a classic of the Sydney music scene circa 1980, the Dropbears are also from Sydney. The Lovejoy single is them "playing the hits of Biff Bang Pow" and is dedicated to the memory of Creation Records.

Podcast 1 - link 1

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