Sunday, May 27, 2007

#38 & #39, a double

A double today because I missed a week last Sunday due to having to work both days last weekend, which was a rude shock to my system I must say !! The second one is a slight deviation from the norm and is subtitled 'The Day I Went to Red Eye Shop 3", but I'll get to that one shortly.

Firstly - #38

Starting with Mark E Smith in fine form ( well before Von Sudenfed was even conceived !! ) doing a Motown cover, I always pictured this being a bit of "hats off" to the Northern Soul scene, I think I read somewhere the original Ghost In My House by R Dean Taylor was popular on those nights ( but don't quote me on that). Then a old fave of mine Aztec Camera, Roddy Frame going for slight synth pop feel, followed by The Lotus Eaters - and you can find the 12" of The First Picture of You over on this blog, along with more Lotus Eaters 12's and a whole lot of other interesting goodies.

Then finally we have some more JFK & The Cuban Crisis, from an EP which was the first release on the Waterfront label. John from the They Called It Good At The Time blog has a John Kennedy album up which is well worth a listen, and of course loads of other great posts on that blog, if you haven't already had a good dig around that site you won't be disappointed !! The also excellent Aus Rock blog has amongst it's many gems the Deckchairs Overboard album.

Crib Sex were a 3 piece Brisbane band, obviously fond of the 4AD scene at the time, but also tinges of ( old school ) electro meets post punk..I like it !! & years ahead of their time ??

The Voices were a Sydney band full of guys with the last name Lewis, I always assumed brothers, with one ring-in non Lewis in the lineup on drums just to stop their mum nagging them too much. Though I think he's the worried looking one on the left in the photo so maybe I'm wrong about that.

In a second over to the 2nd mix for today, but first I guess you'll need to know about this one..

Podcast 38 link for mp3
Podcast 38 link for text file tracklisting

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #38
There's A Ghost In My House - The Fall ( Beggars Banquet 1987 ) ( 0.00 - 2.28 )
2. Deep & Wide & Tall - Aztec Camera ( WEA 1987 ) ( 2.28 - 6.15 )
3. The First Picture Of You - The Lotus Eaters ( Arista 1983) ( 6.15 - 9.44 )
4. Break The Code - Miaow ( Factory 1987 ) ( 9.44 - 13.03 )
5. Walking In The Dark - Deckchairs Overboard ( Regular Aust 1985 ) ( 13.03 - 16.45 )
6. I Tried Too Hard - JFK & The Cuban Crisis ( Waterfront Aust 1982 ) ( 16.45 - 19.39 )
7. Heaven Knows - The Flatmates ( Subway 1988) ( 19.39 - 23.24 )
8. How Come - The Sports ( Mushroom Aust 1981 ) ( 23.24 - 26.29 )
9. This Is My Problem - Crib Sex ( Humoresque Aust 1986 ) ( 26.29 - 29.39 )
10. I Think I'll Go Mad - The Voices ( Deluxe Aust 1980 ) ( 29.39 - 32.54 )
( duration 33 mins, 320kps mp3 )

Ok now onto #39 aka "The Day I Went to Red Eye Shop 3"

Breaking the formula slightly here - even though the infamous pile(s) from which I'm pulling the songs for the normal posts doesn't look like drying up any day soon - this lot are from a visit I paid midweek to the 2nd hand store ( aka 'Shop 3" ) of Red Eye, a music shop here in Sydney. I picked up about 15 second hand singles and figured if I followed the usual method they'd never show on this blog, so here they are...and I'll resume normal programming on the next post.

The price tag stickers from that shop are a real mongrel to peel off...that's why you can still see them in the cover scans...something which is annoying about that shop.

I'd like to make special mention of the Adam & The Ants single, not for the song, which is a bit ordinary. Its probably the only song I've heard that makes manages to make sexual innuendo about a printer/copier. But then Adam has always been a bit "special". I picked it up because it was clearly an indie release, pre "split" ( or should I say pre "Malcolm McLaren pilfering the rest of the band" for Bow Wow Wow...but curiously not Adam ). It's on the somewhat unauspicious "Do It" label, operating out of 128b Camden Road London. I've heard of boffins making musical pilgramages to the addresses of labels ( eg Sarah and Factory ) but never heard of a pilgramage to the home of "Do It" records, oddly. Anyone reading this living near or knows of that address could maybe enlighten us all of it's status these days !! The cover also features a photo of Adam without the dicky face paint and weird pigtails which is a relief.

Then there's the Sunnyboys, their first Phantom Ep which I already had mind you and which already appeared in an earlier episode ( #21 ), and for this reason I didn't need to buy it, but couldn't go past having a 2nd copy so I could somehow preserve the sanctity of my first copy which is a bit of a holy relic in my house. Turns out the 2 songs on the b-side are both scratched but whatever...thems the breaks, A-side is fine and Love To Rule a great song.

The Other Voices single is pre their Waterfront release and it's the one that starts off sounding like The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast mating with a whale.

Anyway, enjoy :)

Podcast 39 link for mp3
Podcast 39 link for text file tracklisting

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #39
Word Gets Around - The Hummingbirds ( Roo Art Aust 1989 ) ( 0.00 - 2.50 )
2. Wholly Holy - The Crystal Set ( Red Eye Aust 1987 ) ( 2.50 - 6.37 )
3. Melt - Siouxsie & The Banshees ( Polydor 1983) ( 6.37 - 10.17 )
4. Asylums In Jerusalem - Scritti Politti ( Rough Trade 1982 ) ( 10.17 - 13.24 )
5. The Boiler - Rhoda with The Special AKA ( 2-Tone 1982 ) ( 13.24 - 18.55 )
6. Chihuahau - Bow Wow Wow ( RCA 1981 ) ( 18.55 - 23.00 )
7. Zerox - Adam & The Ants ( Do It 1979) ( 23.00 - 26.40 )
8. Summertime Blues - The Flying Lizards ( Missing Link 1980 ) ( 26.40 - 29.27 )
9. Another Tuesday - Other Voices ( Sundown Aust 1983 ) ( 29.27 - 35.25 )
10. Love To Rule - Sunnyboys ( Phantom Aust 1980 ) ( 35.25 - 39.38 )
( duration 39 mins, 320kps mp3 )


stranded said...

Again thanks for some more classics sideroom

sideroom said...

thanks, cheers !!

Overhere said...

Cheers sideroom - another great couple of 'casts. And thanks for the plug - it is much appreciated

Crib Sex said...

I was member of the Brisbane band "Crib Sex" and I hate to say this, but none of us had even heard of 4AD at the time! Love your site, by the way. It's been great to hear so many long forgotten tracks by Australian artists. Cheers, Peter

sideroom said...

thanks Peter, the 4AD thing is making me laugh...oh well....I wasn't sure :)

Thanks for making the record anyway and thanks for writing in



John Daly said...

On the b-side of Dog Eat Dog, 'You're So Physical', the following words are heard,
'Eat your heart out 'Do It', you can't 'Do It' can you'. Just a little punch in the face about minor labels being lazy, perhaps. (info gained from various interviews).