Thursday, August 30, 2007

#51 Biff Bang McGee...

Starting off today with The Killjoys from Melbourne, who I've previously had a little rave about ( and played a few tracks ) on Humans Beware. It's a great little single here called "Fall Around Me", back "in the day" I always thought they were a fantastic band and the single popping up today just re-affirmed that.

Then we're off onto a triple play from The Sunnyboys and probably the first time we have a case of me actually having had placed the records in some kind of logical order whenever it was I originally stored these records - ie by band - but don't count on that being a regular occurence. I've had several earlier sprays about the Sunnyboys and what I think about the veracity of anyone else other than Lobby Loyde producing them and won't go over old ground again !! Also I had a bellyache about which version was the original Alone With You , which today's isn't of course...

Then we're up to Brisbane for The Lemon Fabs, over to one of Moz's old mates's Stephen Street having a go at making Jill Birt into a sex symbol with a single from The Triffid's Black Swan album. After this it's Yazoo and I guess the concept these days would be more something like not wanting just to end up only as friend on Facebook/myspace rather than a "page in diary".

And then me old mate David Gedge is back - yes with another song about a chick leaving - but that's also old ground. It's from a ep ( possibly a giveaway ?? ) for a pub in Sheffield called The Leadmill. At the time of the record it was an "exclusive/unreleased" effort by The Wedding Present, but I'm sure that's no longer the case.

After which we hear from a band called The Creation doing a song called Biff Bang is there any doubt as to whether or not Alan McGee liked this song ??

Wrapping up with Sir Edmund K, incidentally mixed by David Nicholas.

whatcha waiting for - go get it :)

Podcast 51 link for mp3
Podcast 51 link for text file tracklisting

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #51
Fall Around Me - The Killjoys ( Audrey Recs Aust 1989 ) ( 0.00 - 4.02 )
2. Love In A Box - Sunnyboys ( Mushroom Aust 1984 ) ( 4.02 - 7.14 )
3. You Need A Friend - Sunnyboys ( Mushroom Aust 1982 ) ( 7.14 - 11.11 )
4. Alone With You - Sunnyboys ( Mushroom Aust 1981 ) ( 11.11 - 15.04 )
5. Wheel - The Lemon Fabs ( Bent Recs Aust 1987 ) ( 15.04 - 18.21 )
6. Goodbye Little Boy - The Triffids ( White/Hot Aust 1989 ) ( 18.21 - 21.45 )
7. Nobody's Diary - Yazoo ( Mute 1983 ) ( 21.45 - 25.33 )
8. Jet Girl - The Wedding Present ( Leadmill Recs 19?? ) ( 25.33 - 27.50 )
9. Biff Bang Pow - The Creation ( Hit-ton Germany 1967? ) ( 27.50 - 30.12 )
10. Not A Soul Around - Ed Kuepper ( Truetone Aust 1987 ) ( 30.12 - 32.54 )
( duration 33mins, 320kps mp3 )


Overhere said...

Hi Sideroom - thanks again for JFK and just to let you know that the Leadmill was the Sheffield club in the 1980s and 1990s. Still going strong as I understand it - Mrs Overhere was a frequenter back in the day. The first night she took me back to her old stomping ground I spent the night sat across from Phil Oakey (is that how you spell it?) of Human League fame. Great place with some great music.

She also saw the Triffids there around about 1987 time and various other Aussie bands played there as their Sheffield gig on a UK tour etc etc blah blah

sideroom said...

wow !!

firstly impressed that Mr Oakey was there !!

sceondly thanks to Mrs OH for the info and glad to see she is into music as much as you :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching 5O podcasts and beyond. Thank you for an always entertaining and eclectic mix of music. Hope your cat is on the mend.
Jim. Perth WA.

sideroom said...

ha ha thanks about the cat !! - for the record...we thought it was really bad - ie a tumour on her cheek and after it burst one day and starting bleeding it had to be chopped off...they sent the lump to pathology and turns out it wasn't even a tunour but some ultra rare facial infection...she has half her cheek cut off and a mohawk look but she's OK !!