Monday, May 12, 2008

new blog - The Feskive 40

A new concept/blog of mine ( and my mate Paul )...related very much to this blog and my other main blog Humans Beware.

It's called The Feskive 40 !!

Huh ?? Feskive ?? Don't you mean...Festive ? Well yes...but not really.

A radio show based on John Peel's annual Festive Fifty, complications of copyright law resulting in the use of the word Feskive. That and a strange Australian sense of humour.

Basically a "Top 40" chart, but with the twist that songs are randomly chosen live to air from a barrel.

Without wanting to give away the chart - you'll have to listen for that, our first show recorded freshly yesterday, features music by The Chesterfields, House Of Love, The Manhattan Love Suicides, Galaxie 500, Komon, Days, The Clean, Fad Gadget, Revolving Paint Dream, Moscow Olympics, Look Blue Go Purple, and many more - however many more make up a total of 40.

From that list you can see we brought some damn juicy indie pop in with us and lots of it came out of the barrel.

go here and find out more and hear what happened when we recorded our first show....

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