Thursday, December 22, 2011

#91 "take the suga, doomp the cruums"

A scary red eyed Frank Tovey gets us underway this time, with FG's 4th single, then a B-side track from The Monochrome Set - deftly bypassing the A-side "The Jet Set Junta" where it must be said that the A-side isn't one of their best, though it was late on in the piece and I feel things were really winding down for 'em by that stage anyway.

Then it's Hert's finest The McTells from their Truffaut 303 ep, then a Sydney band called The Lonely Hearts, the 3rd 7" release on Waterfront Records outa Sydney, followed by Barney & Johnny going through the motions and a bonus 7" from TV 21 that came with some versions of their single "Snakes & Ladders".

Speaking of someone not being at their finest I'd have to lump this 7" from The Gist in that category, lacking the same spark as "This Is Love" & 'Love At First Sight", both of which we've featured before.

The EBTG song being from the other side of a 3-tracker, "Night & Day" being the main track, then we have good old Coops, in league with Mr Hannett and the Invisible Girls, a cutdown/remix of a track from 'Snap Crackle & Bop" and ending up with Do Re Mi and the single of the 2nd version of "Man Overboard"

All there to enjoy :)

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #91
Make Room - Fad Gadget ( Mute 1981 )
2. Love Goes Down The Drain - The Monochrome Set ( Cherry Red 1983 )
3. Jesse Man Rae - The McTells ( Frank 1988 )
4. Tonight - The Lonely Hearts ( Waterfront Aust 1983 )
5. Get The Message - Electronic ( Factory 1991 )
6. Ambition - TV 21 ( Powbeat 1980 )
7. Fool For A Valentine - The Gist ( Rough Trade 1983 )
8. On My Mind - Everything But The Girl ( Cherry Red 1982 )
9. It Man - John Cooper Clarke ( Epic 1980 )
10. Man Overboard - Do Re Mi ( Virgin 1986 )

( duration 33.25, vbr lame mp3 )

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