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#93, catching up pt 2

Onto the 2nd of our 3 catch up posts for today...

Looking ahead to the this and the next one #94 for some reason it's a story of "boys and girls" as you will discover from the track titles.

I am including in that list "Sheila Take a Bow" - only because "Sheila" is slang in Australia for "girl" or "woman" ( chick in modern parlance ), which adds a humorous twist to The Smiths song.

After Moz we have Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons with one of the singles from the "Screaming Targets" album , ala Pete Solley's first forays with the band - and also the first leanings into the slightly ska'-iefied vibe they fully explored on Hats Off Step Lively. Not sure if it was Pete or Joe Camilleri choosing this direction ( perhaps Joe given his 'Joey Vincent' single on Mighty plus the fact he is credited with "producing" the b-side Dub version of Shape I'm in ). Not sure how all these reggae stylings went down with Big Micheal Gudinski...who knows ??

Then some Hillage era Simple Minds ( from a double 7 pack ), some Cabs - their 3rd 7, Mike Howlett era China Crisis and Hitsville UK from The Clash. Sandinista era in what must have been an amazing recording session, considering the apparent freedom they had and the ground they covered ).

Reggie Lucas then hooks up with Sean and the boys, with a bit of a Severed Heads Big Bigot/Propellerhead vibe - only with Sean Kelly singing on it ( even if there's something ever so slightly "drunk" sounding about Sean's vocal )...still I like the "Severed Head vs Models" concept.

After that we have The Slits - the record being in a fluttery/skipping condition sorry - actually it has always been "fluttery" as long as I've had it ( ie since 1980 ) and I always thought possibly it was down to some dub trickery from Dennis Bovell ( it might still be...who knows )

Then it's a real 70's classic - from the film "Man From Hong Kong", by Jigsaw or as they were known in Australia 'British Jigsaw' - in the same manner as 'British Beat' in this country - and always this song is dedicated to Henry Tatana.

Ending up today with a song that made me laugh - not for the obvious appeal of it's claims about Australian Girl(s) but for the production...Howard Gable at the helm in 1979 ( in essence one could never say the Mike Rudd & The Heaters single was "part of the New Wave" ). Howard had previously worked in the late 60's early 70's with Johnny Farnham, Zoot, Russell Morris, Alison Durban ( ultra early ) Sherbet among others.

One more to come today. enjoy this one

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #93
Sheila Take A Bow - The Smiths ( Rough Trade 1987 )
2. Shape I'm In - Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons ( Mushroom Aust 1979 )
3. Sweat In Bullet - Simple Minds ( Virgin 1981 )
4. Silent Command - Cabaret Voltaire ( Rough Trade 1979 )
5. Wishful Thinking - China Crisis ( Virgin 1983 )
6. Hitsville UK - The Clash ( CBS 1980 )
7. Big On Love - Models ( Mushroom Aust 1984 )
8. Animal Space - The Slits ( Human 1980 )
9. Sky High - (British ) Jigsaw ( Private Stock Aust 1975 )
10. Australian Girl - Mike Rudd & The Heaters ( Mushroom Aust 1979 )

( duration 34.45, vbr lame mp3 )

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