Saturday, May 12, 2012


No, not the old Aussie soap !!

But just 4 away from the century ( got something planned for that by the way ).

Firstly it's the Batwing Chaps from Hanley, Stoke On Trent, another sticker laden recommendation from Simon Hummingbird at Phantom Records Store back in the day, extolling it's virtues as "GREAT melodic jangly power pop". To be quite honest back in the aforementioned "day" I wasn't that into this single ( but still bought it ) - I was more into it today, listening to it properly for maybe the first time.

update Nov 2014 - the labels on this single are on the wrong side(s) of the I originally though the song was called "I Won't Change" but it's in fact called "Crave"

One Thousand Violins I trust need no explanation - unlike Pop Mechanix, "they" on this occasion being the NZ band - later called NZ Pop in Australia ( to avoid confusion with the Sydney band of Popular Mechanics ) , this version of The Ritz being the first incarnation of the song, produced by early Enz man Mike Chunn.

After that it's a b-side to The Hoverchairs "Hide & Seek" single, the band as far as I remember being a bunch of Scunny lads ( er that's from Scunthorpe ).

Then N.O. from the Aussie 7 of Bizzare Love Triangle which was kind of a Double-A featuring 'State of The Nation" on the other side ( yeah I had to buy the UK version as well for "Bizzare Dub Triangle" ).

This is followed by a couple of Aussie things in the form of Mssrs Cummings & Armiger collaborating on a cover of the O'Jays classic and some Dugites from their 2nd album "West Of The World".

Then another flexi, a hell of song and all - one of the 3 awesome recorded songs by Edinburgh's Holidaymakers - who featured here way way way back on # 2 with the great "Cincinnati" - ( the usual technical issues with flexis herein occurring ). The flexi came with Woosh fanzine #1 and the actual zine itself is a beauty - check out the roll call of bands on the cover - juicy.

After that it's old fave Bart ( Cummings ) - in his off the race track guise - with his "Friends" in the shape of Girl Of The World from their "Travel Ep". Rounding off today's adventure with old mate Roddy.

Enjoy :)

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #96
Crave - Batwing Chaps ( Full Moon Recs 1984 )
2. If I Were A Bullet ( Then For Sure I'd Find A Way To Your Heart ) - One Thousand Violins ( Report Records 1987 )
3. The Ritz - Pop Mechanix ( Go For It/RCA NZ 1980 )
4. Two Pints & It Rains - The Hoverchairs ( Tempest Records 1989 )
5. Bizzare Love Triangle - New Order ( Factory Australasia 1986 )
6. Backstabbers - Stephen Cummings ( Regular Aust 1983 )
7. Waiting - The Dugites ( Deluxe Aust 1981 )
8. Everyday - The Holidaymakers ( Woosh 1988 )
9. Why Don't We ? - Girl Of The WorldParasol 1992 )
10. All I Need Is Everything - Aztec Camera ( WEA 1984 )

( duration 35.27, vbr lame mp3 )


apm said...

Thanks for all your work on these compilations over the yrs. Just fantastic

sideroom said...

thank you for noticing !!