Saturday, July 14, 2012

#99 gonna call the papers....

"Or push the whole thing in your faaaace..." - one of the two :)

Kicking off today with an awesome flexi on Playroom Discs ( The Grooveyard & Ever ), both tracks great ;  on the back of the flexi there is the promise of an upcoming ep on the Playroom Discs label from Ever ( not sure if that in fact eventuated - help ? anyone ? know ), based on "Sleepyhead" I'd definitely love to hear more songs from Ever. Usual apologies for the flexi quality.

There's something kind of honestly sad about the cover of the Models single, a bleary eyed James Freud poised over a scotch glass - I suspect partly method acting based on the videoclip and the lyrics of the song, but also some kind of realism given JF's self confessed torrid relationship with alcohol When I saw the cover today I really felt for the man !! On a less serious note - great song, even if I'm well on record as preferring earlier Models.

After Barbados Gregory Webster does his best to try and sing so wildly that needle shifts out of the groove at the end...nearly mate, nearly !!

A brilliant ep from Bouquet follows - "The Pink Blossom in Outer Space Ep", a brilliant 4 tracker, today it's the Waaaaaaaaah! fanzine release, and yes I'm mad enough to have the "official" release as well - which means it will appear again here at some point ( ie I will have the pleasure of choosing another of the tracks ),

A sort of "mini supergroup " in the guise of Care , ie Ian Broudie & Paul Simpson - elements of their various other bands & collaboarations - Wild Swans/Lightning Seeds/Teardrop Explodes/ etc.

The Personnel were a Sydney band, the track today "working Day Song" is in fact the b-side of 'Never Be Your Man". I believe I did also warn you back on #95 that we had more Mayfields coming - well here's the 2nd installment of that promise ( following their appearance on #98) , "A World of Your Own" I guess for want of a better term the a-side here, but both sides equally great.

Not much else to report, other than  another "Julie" track at number 9 - another weird co-incidence....but still it's not "Operation Julie" again ( and I repeat, thank goodness...) and also another b-side from The Parachute Men ( other side to Leeds Station ), on ye olde Fire Records ( and yes Firestation Towers...)

Oh..yeah I've provided the PDF tracklist again, updating it to include all pods up to #99.

See you soon for the "century"...enjoy :)

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #99

1. Sleepyhead - Ever ( Playroom Discs Flexi 1988 )

2. Destroy The Heart - The House Of Love ( Creation 1988 )
3. Barbados - Models ( Mushroom Aust 1985 )

4. Big Pink Cake - Razorcuts ( Subway 1986 )
5. Dream All The Way - Bouquet ( Bring On Bull 1993 )
6. Flaming Sword - Care ( Arista 1983 )
7. Working Day Song - The Personnel ( Method Recs Aust 1980 )
8. Call My Name - The Mayfields ( Ambition 1989 )
9. Julie Christie - The Driscolls ( Restless Records 1988 )
10. Maybe If I'd Said - The Parachute Men ( Fire Records 1989 )
( duration 32.15,  lame/320 mp3 )


dicky said...

You're actually back?
You'd been gone so long I'd forgotten about you.
Today I had one of those "I wonder what ever happened too..." moments, prompted by hearing The Models pop up on a random playlist.
Great to see that you've kept this thing going after all this time.


sideroom said...

Yes I made it back from the big dark hole of utter slackness and the show is on the road again, thanks for remembering me !!