Sunday, October 20, 2013


This week the cards we have been dealt mostly have a post punk bent ( even "post-post punk" if you like... )

Kicking off with Bristolians Scream And Dance, more obscure than than their contemporaries like Rip, Rig & Panic et al . This track has some personal history with me, ie from from 1982-1988 I used the name "Scream And Dance" for a radio show I was doing on 2SER in Sydney - not because I was a fan of the band, or even of this song but because it was the 2nd song I ever played on air and when I started the show I had no name for the show....the first song I played was "What" by Soft Cell and then made a back announcement that said

"..well, Soft Cell has asked the question What ? and the answer is...Scream and Dance"

and then I played the track, and thus the show had a name....totes trivia I know but I feel I have to point that out.

Nothing else that's not glaringly obvious until songs 6 and 7 - these "Coolies" are two different bands; the first is the NY band that were the only overseas release for M Sqaured in Australia ( and one of two "regrets" from the label - as mentioned by Mitch Jones once in an interview on the aforementioned radio show - ie this Coolies release because it was so unlike the rest of the label and the other one being the Entrave Et Etouffement double 10", only because of some dubious money handling by the French label ). The 2nd band today called THE Coolies were from Atlanta.

The last track by Virna Lindt was always a bit of mystery / conundrum to me - because of the packaging / marketing it always felt to me like it wasn't a "real" release - ie that it was either a weird product tie in or something connected with a kid's toy / game.... it is of course in fact a legit release !

All of that could be because something about it always reminded me of a one of my most coveted records - which was both a product tie and did come with a kid's toy. That was a Barbie Doll 7" record ( ie supposedly Barbie singing ! ) that Ray Rockmelon owned and he played it to me once and I have coveted it ever since.....

enough of the digression though

after this we hit a bit stretch of all Aussie music...

#115 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #115
1. In Rhythm - Scream And Dance ( Recreational Records 1982 )
2. Conspiracy - The Higsons ( Waap Records 1982 )
3. Secret Story - Minny Pops ( Factory 1982 )
4. Everything's Roses - Fire Engines ( Codex Communications 1980 )
5. New Breed - Mackenzies ( Ron Johnson 1986 )
6. Do You Agree - Coolies ( M Squared Aust 1981 )
7. Scarborough Fair - The Coolies ( DB Recs 1985 )
8. Seven Minutes to Midnight - Wah! Heat ( Inevitable Music 1980 )
9. Do Nothing - The Specials ( 2 Tone 1980 )
10. Attention Stockholm - Virna Lindt ( Compact Listeners 1981 )
( duration 29.46, vbr lame mp3 )

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