Monday, April 17, 2017


Hi again, back with some more " straight off the floor" today, starting with some Cat's Miaow from the "I Kept All Your Letters" ep followed by "The Ruby Lounge Ep" from They Go Boom!!

Then we have a Sha La La Flexi, ultra raw Poppyheads ( this ep's called "Postcard for Flossy" ),  the cracking Think! from the Jasmine Minks and then the Aussie Catherine Wheel ( ex The Honeys ) and the other side of their first ( of 2 ) ( vinyl ) singles "Blue Avenue".

Pure is next, which is a post Love Parade thing for Graeme Elston ( and pre Eva Luna ) on the Sugarfrost label. Then the first vinyl single ( a side 'Stand Up' ) for The Triffids, from which I chose the b side. This is blasphemy & sacrilegious but back in the day when this record came out I wasn't that enamoured with it and always played the b-side anyway ( Farmers Never Visit Nightclubs ). To be quite honest I bought the record based on the small amount of hype about this band filtering across the Nullabor then ( this was probably circa 1982 by the time the record got over to Sydney ) ( also based on the assurances of Steve "Stav" from Phantom ) but was so-so about it / them ( at that time ). Like I said I could be stoned to death for admitting that. Of course with subsequent releases they more than changed my mind and they are one of my all time favourite bands. But "I confess" still today listening I find this first single somewhat weaker than their later stuff. And please don't troll me for saying that !

Anyway after that today we hear from The Ammonites, from their 'Head Full of Strange' ep on Rutland (  Po!'s label ), then the second single on Sunday from The Pristines.

Ending up today with East Village, their first single on the then nascent Sub Aqua label. This is a second copy I have of this record, and today we hear the a-side 'Cubans In The Battlefield', I have previously blogged this one way back in Jan 2007 on post #15, but then I played the b-side 'Strawberry Window'. From memory I got a second copy back in the day because my original had some sort of jump / scratch on it, so hence the 2nd appearance today. Which ironically is the scratched one with the jump !

catch you next time, enjoy listening

#163 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #163
1. You Know It's True - The Cat's Miaow ( Quiddity Records Records 1995 )
2. Twentieth Century - They Go Boom !! ( Sunday Records 1991 )
3. Sun Shines Forever - The Poppyheads ( Sha La La 1987 )
4. Think - The Jasmine Minks ( Creation Records 1984 )
5. Last Explanation - Catherine Wheel ( Australia ) ( Big Wheel Records Aust 1990 )
6. Aspidistra - Pure ( Sugarfrost 1991 )
7. Farmers Never Visit Nightclubs - The Triffids ( Shake Some Action Aust 1981 )
8. Stupid - The Ammonites ( Rutland Records 1991 )
9. Kimberley Somebody - The Pristines ( Sunday Records 1993 )
10. Cubans In The Bluefields - East Village ( Sub Aqua 1988 )
( duration 29.33, vbr lame mp3 )

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