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The second post for today - and how to follow my Socceroos rant ?

Maybe to explain that I could have played 2 Cudgels tracks, both from flexis - "Red Nosed Man" is from a flexi with just them called "Belly Button Sundae" and they also have another track on the split flexi with They Go Boom !!  ( on the German Blam-A-Bit label ) but the song "I Think I'm Falling" from They Go Boom is so good it got the nod instead ( obviously the other tracks will be available in the future on From Another Side ).

And "Get out Of My Dream" is actually the b-side of Tranquil from The Clouds, though it seems to have had it's fair share of time in the limelight since then in lieu of the a-side.

We also have the original Green Records version of "Go Go"by Super K where that song was the a-side, before the importance of the b-side "Recurring Nightmare" was re-imagined as being a more valid a-side for it's Citadel reissue.

Then some Rote Kapelle which sound wise owes more to the Thanes connections within the band rather than from Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes.

The Nick Smith track is produced by Joe Camilleri ( under the name Joey Vincent ) and indeed the label Survival was a Jo Jo curated label.

"Happiness" is from The Pitt Street Farmers ep from The Reels, though oddly this Aussie release has a b-side from the "Beautiful" album on it ( "La Mer" ). I do have a German release of the single,  featuring a different b-side which is actually in the pile coming up really really soon.

For now, enjoy !

#130 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #130
1. I Think I'm Falling - They Go Boom !! ( Blam-A-Bit 1989 )
2. Tranquil - The Clouds ( Subway Organisation 1987 )
3. Are You Happy Now ? - The Charlottes ( Molesworth Records 1988 )
4. Go Go - Super K ( Green Records Aust 1982 )
5. Red Nosed Man - The Cudgels ( Lovely Records 1990 ? )
6. Fergus ! The Sheep ! - Rote Kapelle ( Big Smell Dinosaur 1985 )
7. Who'd Have Thought - Hurrah! ( Kitchenware Records 1984 )
8. Groovin' ( On A Sunday Afternoon ) - Nick Smith ( Spirit Records Aust 1984 )
9. No One - The Cannanes ( K 1987 )
10. Happiness - The Reels ( RCA Aust 1983 )
( duration 29.36, vbr lame mp3 )

#129 - the Socceroos will Socceroo ya....

Don't laugh

seriously, don't laugh

it will be hard enough for us as it is ( in the insane group we drew )....although - we might just surprise everyone...we won't win the World Cup but we won't disgrace ourselves is all I will say !

( also we have to get up at 2am in the morning here to watch our games - or stay up )

To whit to explain the song contained herein....where to begin ?

Firstly although it's changed now for eons in Australia we referred to football as "soccer" - hence our national side is called The Socceroos  - ( and at this point I need to say I love our Socceroos and you can help support them by making them your second team at the World Cup, or even your first if you like ). The single "Soccer, Soccer ( The Real Football ) was made around the time of the 1982 World Cup and came out after the ( relative ) success of "Up There Cazaly" ( a VFL - now AFL - plug , ie the "Aussie Rules" comp ) and another less well known song called "The Greatest Game of All" extolling the virtues of Rugby League. Both of these codes are known down under as "footy".

Therefore a rousing call to arms from the round ball code was devised ( somewhat paradoxically highlighting the naked truth it is the only one totally played with the "foot" ). Along came the so-called "Heroes Of Waterloo" with the brilliant idea to include homage to the national team - and voila...somewhere, sometime the large stadium size electric light bulb went off in someone's head with all the zapping lightning strike of a black and white Frankenstein movie and we have the magical lyrics

"...If you aint seen it, let me clue ya
the Socceroos will Socceroo ya..."

The b-side called "Team Song" is even better, a variation of the a-side but naming players and the coach ( possibly the only time Rudi Gutendorf was lauded in song ) ( you can hear this version in the future on From Another Side ).

But that's only one song on today's mix..

We have the first vinyl outing from Friends - a record by the way which is an "unlucky" record for me. This is actually an emergency replacement copy, ie I found the cover of my original with no record in it ( and can't for the life of me find it ), so got a new copy...but it seems to have a wee jump on it.....uggh.

I reckon everything and everyone else is pretty self explantory, 'cept maybe that the Confetti track is from their Sea Anemon ep and a brief word on the two MEO 245's - "Jewels" is a single from their first album "Screen Memory" and "Sin City" comes from the 'Rites Of Passage" EP.

enjoy :)

#129 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #129
1. It's Getting Louder - Friends ( Summerhouse  Records 1986 )
2. River Island - Confetti ( Sunday Records 1992 )
3. Capricorn Dancer - Richard Clapton ( Infinity Aust 1976 )
4. I Just Get Caught Out - The Go-Betweens ( Truetone Records Aust 1987 )
5. Like An Angel - The Mighty Lemon Drops ( Dreamworld 1985 )
6. Crestfallen - The Chairs ( Pink Halo Records 1990 )
7. Soccer, Soccer ( The Real Football ) - The Heroes Of Waterloo ( 7 Records Aust 1982 )
8. Skywave - Other People's Children ( Library Records Aust 1999 )
9. Jewels ( For Your Love ) - MEO 245 ( Mushroom Records Aust 1981 )
10. Sin City - MEO 245 ( Mushroom Records Aust 1982  )
( duration 32.05, vbr lame mp3 )

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#124, #125, #126, #127 & #128 - Oz Punk & Post Punk era


#128 is the fifth and final in this mega post for today along the theme of the Oz Punk/Post punk era.

We start herein with more Pel Mel, this time Shoes Should Fit, another single from the Out Of Reason album, more Hugo Klang with the earlier Grand Life For Fools and Idiots single and two from related bands Voigt 465 ( one side of their only 7" ) and Wild West from the Beat The Drought Ep.

Then we're down to Melbourne for the Fabulous Marquises' 7" ( featuring Mr Pierre of "oh I just won some money on a TV quiz show" fame ) and Whirlywirld with Sextronics, which was a bonus single that came with their 12" ( Untitled ) Ep.

Then we've let "him come back" ala PM Walsh in the Out Of Nowhere guise, with one side of their 7" on Prince Melon, a couple of M Squared releases, in the visage of The Same's only single and The Systematics from their My Life In The Field Of Cows Ep. And finally ( here at least ) Informatics from their 4 track Dezinformatsiya Ep.

As you could well imagine the accompanying "From Another Side" mix(es) that goes with today's razzle dazzle will be quite involved as well, featuring more from all the artists featured here and much much more from the same era. This is something I'm working on and will make a grand announcement as to when this is up and ready.

For now though please enjoy -

#128 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #128
1. Shoes Should Fit - Pel Mel ( Gap  Records Aust 1983 )
2. Grand Life For Fools And Idiots - Hugo Klang ( Prince Melon Records Aust 1982 )
3. State - Voigt 465 ( Unanimous Weld Enunciations Aust 1978 )
4. Calling The House - Wild West ( no label Aust 1981 )
5. Honeymoons - The Fabulous Marquises ( Missing Link Aust 1980 )
6. Sextronics - Whirlywirld ( Missing Link Aust 1980 )
7. No Resistance - Out Of Nowhere ( Prince Melon Records Aust 1982 )
8. Why - The Same ( M Squared Aust 1982 )
9. Bovine - The Systematics ( M Squared Aust 1982 )
10. Proximity Switch - Informatics ( Au Go Go Aust 1982 )
( duration 31.09, vbr lame mp3 )


Keeping it going we start with the first Whirlywirld 7", Mr Clarinet from Sir Nick and co, and Songs from what is actually the a-side of The Swell Guys single, the other sides getting more of a subsequent airing on various modern day comps and the like ( probably because they are more akin to the later day No V Bleet sound, who is who these guys became when they moved down south to Sydney ). This single is on the Brisbane label Flat which also put out the Tomorrow's Tears single for The Riptides.

We then scoot over to Perth for a track from a split Ep from Ground Zero / No Actresses.

Then we end up back in Newcastle via Sydney for The Limp's Outer Space Moth, a record that was intrinsically part of an art exhibition ( rumours are that this single was mastered pitched down a bit slow and I guess you can hear this meandering and dragging in the vocals ). Before that it's the second release of No Word From China, this time on Gap Records ( the one with the red cover ) as opposed to the Primate version ( the black and white cover ) - which incidentally I played way way way way back on #14. There seems to also be some sort of speed / pitch difference / issue between the two releases in the mastering dept ( most notably on the b-side ). More Pel Mel on #128.

Then finishing up with 4 from M Squared - Scattered Order from the Screaming Tree Ep, Belle Du Soir from their 4 track Ep, Prod from the Contents One Ep and SPK under the guise of Solipsik.

more to come on 128, but for now

#127 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #127
1. Window To The World - Whirlywirld ( Missing Link Aust 1979 )
2. Mr Clarinet - The Birthday Party ( Missing Link Aust 1980 )
3. Songs - The Swell Guys ( Flat Records Aust 1980 )
4. Oceans - Ground Zero ( no label Aust 1980 )
5. No Word From China - Pel Mel ( Gap  Records Aust 1980 )
6. Outer Space Moth - The Limp ( no label Aust 1980 )
7. Mass Murder - Scattered Order ( M Squared Aust 1981 )
8. Quantum Leap - Belle Du Soir ( M Squared Aust 1981 )
9. Walkers Walk - Prod ( M Squared Aust 1981 )
10. See-Saw - Solipsik ( M Squared Aust 1981 )
( duration 26.21, vbr lame mp3 )


Third up today we kick off with a Models / related double, firstly pre Models with the Teenage Radio Stars single, and listening to the single today I feel the need to say thank god there was a change of direction come time for the first Models incarnation...speaking of which, "Early Morning Brain" is one side of a double ( giveaway ) they shared with Boys Next Door ( on Crystal Ballroom like the earlier Pop Art single on #124 ).

Then some shocking electro theory from EST ( aka Martin Farrington ) on M Squared, Puritans and the infamous Love By Numbers ultrapop effort from Ash Wednesday ( featuring vocals from Karen Marx / Marks of Cold Cafe fame ).

Then a second appearance for the Nuvo Bloc Atmoic Fiction single ( previously on #36 ), this time one of the ( live ) songs on the b-side. I actually got sent 2 copies of this single when I wrote directly to the band when I was a spotty teenager, ie I sent them money for one copy and they were so amazed someone wrote to them directly they sent me a 2nd copy !

Then we have one side of a split from Plays With Marionettes ( other side is from People With Chairs Up Their Noses ), 2 from the Laughing Clowns both in the latter day "Hot" era; Crystal Clear a double A with "Just Because I Like" and "Holy Joe "from the Hot re-issue of this track ( originally on their debut Missing Link 12" Ep ) which was the b-side to the reissue of Sometimes ( the original Prince Melon version featured on #63 ).

And ending with a kinda sorta related ( in an ex-Saints way ) track from Cub Callaway and The Cult, from a 4 track ep

more to come but this one is ready to go...

#126 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #126
1. I Wanna Be Your Baby - Teenage Radio Stars ( Suicide Aust 1978 )
2. Early Morning Brain - Models ( Crystal Ballroom Records Aust 1979 )
3. Just Not True - EST ( M Squared Aust 1980 )
4. Start To Finish - Puritans ( Puritan Records Aust 1981 )
5. Love By Numbers - Ash Wednesday (  Aust 1980 )
6. Kidney X-Ray - Nuvo Bloc ( no label Aust 1980 )
7. Witchen Kopf - Plays With Marionettes ( Missing Link Aust 1982 )
8. Holy Joe - Laughing Clowns ( Hot Records Aust 1984 )
9. Crystal Clear - Laughing Clowns ( Hot Records Aust 1984 )
10. Special Boy - Cub Callaway And The Cult ( Mosiac Aust 1983)
( duration 34.36, vbr lame mp3 )


2nd in our massive 5 at the one time deal today, starting with one of the many guises for ( the late ) Peter Lillie, then the original Shivers, and a bunch of singles on a more punk edge - a bunch on Doublethink including Rejex from Sydney,  The Vacant Lot ( ex Canberra ) and a track from their 'Living Underground" 4 tracker, Seems Twice from their legendary Non Plussed ep full of songs 1 minute ( or thereabouts ) long and The Barons ( featured Jones / Tee later of M Squared ) with their ironically titled "Greatest Hits Ep".

We also have some Kiwis with the Gordons single.

The Nervous System track is one of 3 tracks on their 'Post Ep"& the Hugo Klang track is their 2nd single ( you can hear their first further up the page on #128 ).

Finally the Ronnie & The Rhythm Boys track is from the "Little Bands" ep of Melbourne bands also including The Morpions. The Take & Too Fat To Fit Through The Door

by no means are we finsihed for today, but check this one out -

#125 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #125
1. Adventures in Pain; In Paradise  - Peter Lillie  ( Missing Link Aust 1981 )
2. Shivers - Boys Next Door ( Mushroom Records Aust 1979 )
3. Niagara Baby - Rejex ( Doublethink Aust 1979 )
4. Wish It Is - Seems Twice ( Doublethink Aust 1980 )
5. Inch By Inch - The Barons ( Doublethink Aust 1979 )
6. Adults and Children - Gordons ( Gordons 1980 )
7. She's Really Dead - The Vacant Lot ( Doublethink Aust 1981 )
8. Rendition - Nervous System ( no label Aust 1981 )
9. Wheel Of Fat - Hugo Klang ( Au Go Go Aust 1982 )
10. Hey Joe - Ronnie & The Rhythm Boys ( no label Aust 1980 ) 
( duration 28.08, vbr lame mp3 )

124 - Innocent Records Label

Today we have a mega mega posting of 5 mixes, all from around the 78-84-ish era, all Australian ( except one Kiwi track ) and all Punk / Post-Punk or from that era.

Hopefully needless to say these days there will be additional material from these posts over on another ( current working ) blog called From Another Side  An equally as mega post #7 over there being is concocted / made as we speak and will feature all manner of related post punk / punk material.

These records have all lodged themselves in a pile together from a few years ago when I was doing stuff for a another ( since "lapsed" ) blog of mine called Impaneema Mon Amour, and you can find some more stuff of this ilk over there ( it seems unlikely I will ever up date that blog ) ( by the way the blog title is a mis-spelling of a Pel Mel b-side ).

One thing I was promising over on Impaneema Mon Amour was an "Innocent Records" special, so here is that pile of records ( plus the additional material upcoming on From Another Side ).

Most tracks on this mix are basically from artists on the label, except the last which is a later project of David Chesworth called Whadya Want? - and one Tsk Tsk Tsk reissue on a subsequent label of theirs called Present.

( And yes I know I'm not supposed to call the band Tsk Tsk Tsk or even Tch Tch Tch but the Blogger software won't allow me to use the required three arrows ).

Here now we have a David Chesworth Ep called Industry & Leisure, the first Essendon Airport ep "Sonic Investigations of The Trivial" and a track from the Dave & Phil Duo "Present Themselves" Ep ( that being Chesworth & Philip Brophy ) - we hear a track from the Phil, and btw, an oddity of this record - or maybe it was deliberate - is that the labels are on the wrong sides of the vinyl.

We also have a swag of Tsk Tsk Tsk tracks, from various Eps - "Caprice", "Venetian Rendezvous" and "Nice Noise" - and from a split record with ( Eric Gradman's ) Man & Machine on Crystal Ballroom Records.

We also have the one and only single by The Chocolate Grinders who were basically another mish mash of various connected cronies - ie Chesworth & Brophy again with Robert Goodge ( of Essendon Airport / I'm Talking / Filthy Lucre fame ) and Ja(y)ne Stevenson ( another Asphixiation /Tsk Tsk Tsk bod ).

The Synthetic Dream single is a bit of anomaly as it's from a different bunch of people other than the normal crew.

And finally the latter project from David Chesworth, collaborating with Phillip Jackson ( eg Equal Local ) and Warwick Bone, and a single from the Skippy Knows album.

Like I said plenty more to come here and on From Another keep on plugging..

#124 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #124
1. Schoolbooks Decide - David Chesworth ( Innocent Aust 1982 )
2. How Low Can You Go...(?) - Essendon Airport ( Innocent Aust 1979 )
3. Chocolate - The Dave & Phil Duo ( Innocent Aust 1979 )
4. Pop Art - Tsk Tsk Tsk ( Crystal Ballroom Records Aust 1979 )
5. Sportelio - Tsk Tsk Tsk ( no label Aust 1979 )
6. People With Leukaemia - The Chocolate Grinders ( Innocent Aust 1981 )
7. Rock Song - Tsk Tsk Tsk ( no label Aust 1979 )
8. Work - Synthetic Dream ( Innocent Records Aust 1981 )
9. Moon River - Tsk Tsk Tsk ( Present Records Aust  )
10. Skippy Knows - Whadya Want? ( Correct Aust 1985 )
( duration 35.06, vbr lame mp3 )

Monday, April 21, 2014

#122 and #123, a double ( before our Oz Post Punk extravaganza )


The second of a double today, not too many things too hard to explain...

an awesome single by ( The ) Cudgels, an Aussie band from the 60's ( The Throb )...

Gone To China were from Brisbane, on the Bent label, Soggy Porridge from Sydney, as were The Fishermen ( featuring Jeremy Oxley post Sunnyboys Mk I )

everything and everyone else I think is easy to figure or we've mentioned em before...

see you real soon for the big Aussie post punk extravangza that's coming up

also please remember to stay on top of whatever it is I get up to on From Another Side for related tracks to this post and other stuff !!

From Another Side #6 deals with the stuff on this double post and is up and ready to go.

Another thing that is coming up on From Another Side is a back track to the 'early' Sideroom 7" posts...starting with Posts # 1 - #5 - featuring associated 12's, b-sides etc from the songs on those posts ( have look at the archive posts for this blog if you're unsure what artists will be included ).

Eventually I'll make my through the early posts in blocks of 5 or 10 ( given I should have been doing this concept from the start I have to play a bit of catch up ).

That and other stuff up "soon"....

meantime -

#123 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #123
1. Joybang ! - The Cudgels ( Sunday Records 1991 )
2. The Fortune Teller - The Throb ( Parlophone Aust 1966 )
3. Use Imagination - Who The Hell Does Jane Smith Think She Is ( Influx 1987 )
4. Goes So Slow - Even As We Speak ( Phantom Records Aust 1989 )
5. In Dreams - Gone To China ( Bent Records Aust 1987 )
6. How Can I Tell You - Soggy Porridge ( no label Aust 1982 )
7. Can't You Stop - The Fishermen ( Waterfront Records Aust 1986 )
8. Climatization - Catchcry ( Correct Aust 1985 )
9. Ship's Cat  ( No One's Coming Back ) - The Tripps ( Strand Records Aust 1987 )
10. The Black And The Blue - The Bats ( Flying Nun Aust 1991 )
( duration 34.27, vbr lame mp3 )


First in our double today and I've decided to do a few "multiple posts" for a while otherwise I'll be here until I'm 70 at the slow rate I am going

Lots of flexis in this bunch but something about their technical quality adds to the experience

and mostly they're from split singles - Esmerelda's Kite w/ The Williams, Jesse Garon w/The Fizzbombs, The Sunflowers with St James Infirmary and The Dagoes with 3 other Adelaide bands ( w / The Screaming Believers, The Pins and Chequers )

check out From Another Side for the other tracks from these flexis as well as other associated delights !

but for now -

#122 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #122
1. In A Whirl - Esmerelda's Kite ( Sunshine Flexi 1988 )
2. Kathleen's Tantrum - The Odolites ( Rampant Releases Aust 1987 )
3. Touch Me ( Heaven ) - The Climb ( Pinnacle Records 1982 )
4. Hank Williams Is Dead - Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes ( Wild Rumpus Flexi 1987 )
5. Bubble Bus - Sunflowers ( Woosh Flexi 1989 )
6. Mary, Mary - The Monkees ( RCA 196?  )
7. Slipping Through Your Fingertips - The Saturday People ( Slumberland 2000 )
8. I Do It For Mama - The Dagoes ( Greasy Pop Aust Flexi 1982 )
9. Luke Warm Weather - The Silly Pillows ( Little Teddy 1995 )
10. Glad - The Prudes ( Imaginary Records 1990 ) 
( duration 28.23, vbr lame mp3 )

Sunday, March 23, 2014

#121 - drifting away from all Aussie

Hello again, we're starting to move away from the "all Australian" vibe for a while ( although coming up soon is an all Oz Post Punk extravaganza ).

Firstly apologies for the number of skips & jumps on todays, a couple of the singles had "issues" that I couldn't conquer with my usual bag of tricks for such things.

I could have given this one an alternative title of a mini "Kilbey / McLennan feast" but ( wisely ) declined - I say that because we have another Jack Frost single ( big bro Steve K & Grant Macca ) and the "young nipper" Russ with a song from what is basically a double-A from The Crystal Set ( though labelled "Side 1" and "A" on the record ).

Also another appearance by the aforementioned "Macca" on a Gobs single ( and a slightly remixed version ) from the 16 Lovers Lane album.

I did say we'd have less Aussie music but that doesn't mean I will stop writing like an Australian ( ie first rule of being Aussie - give people nicknames ) .

The Gol Gappas song Roman is a "new" / "remixed" version of a song that previously appeared as the b-side to their "West 14 single".

Ups & Downs is a single from their "Underneath The Watchful Eye" album and "Coalface" is a single from "The Great Gusto" from Tactics.

We have one non album single from Scribble ( Adaptability ) and Alligator from the Pop Art album.

And Citrus Groove were from San Fran and Mesmerized was their 3rd single.

As is the norm these days, there is an accompanying "From Another Side" mix  to go along with this one,  as is the norm I seem to have so much extra stuff there it's broken into 2 halves, this time the halves are

From Another Side 5A - Gol Gappas, Go-Betweens, Jack Frost, Crystal Set, Ups And Downs, Tactics, Yapocks - check it out here

From Another Side 5B - is a Scribble / Xl Capris "feature"

meantime  as for the 7" singles enjoy today's....

#121 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #121
1. Love Goes On - The Go-Betweens ( Beggars Banquet 1988 )
2. Roman ( Remix ) - Gol Gappas ( Vogue 1987 )
3. Lit By The Fuse - Ups And Downs ( Mushroom Aust 1988 )
4. Every Hour God Sends - Jack Frost ( Red Eye Aust 1990 )
5. Coalface - Tactics ( Regular Aust 1989 )
6. No More Blue Horizons ( Fool Fool Fool ) - China Crisis ( Virgin 1982 )
7. Alligator - Scribble ( Regular Aust 1986 )
8. Adaptability - Scribble ( Regular Aust 1984 )
9. Mesmerized - Citrus Groove ( Marineville 1993 )
10. From Now On - The Crystal Set ( Red Eye Aust 1987 )

( duration 35.39, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #121