Sunday, March 23, 2014

#121 - drifting away from all Aussie

Hello again, we're starting to move away from the "all Australian" vibe for a while ( although coming up soon is an all Oz Post Punk extravaganza ).

Firstly apologies for the number of skips & jumps on todays, a couple of the singles had "issues" that I couldn't conquer with my usual bag of tricks for such things.

I could have given this one an alternative title of a mini "Kilbey / McLennan feast" but ( wisely ) declined - I say that because we have another Jack Frost single ( big bro Steve K & Grant Macca ) and the "young nipper" Russ with a song from what is basically a double-A from The Crystal Set ( though labelled "Side 1" and "A" on the record ).

Also another appearance by the aforementioned "Macca" on a Gobs single ( and a slightly remixed version ) from the 16 Lovers Lane album.

I did say we'd have less Aussie music but that doesn't mean I will stop writing like an Australian ( ie first rule of being Aussie - give people nicknames ) .

The Gol Gappas song Roman is a "new" / "remixed" version of a song that previously appeared as the b-side to their "West 14 single".

Ups & Downs is a single from their "Underneath The Watchful Eye" album and "Coalface" is a single from "The Great Gusto" from Tactics.

We have one non album single from Scribble ( Adaptability ) and Alligator from the Pop Art album.

And Citrus Groove were from San Fran and Mesmerized was their 3rd single.

As is the norm these days, there is an accompanying "From Another Side" mix  to go along with this one,  as is the norm I seem to have so much extra stuff there it's broken into 2 halves, this time the halves are

From Another Side 5A - Gol Gappas, Go-Betweens, Jack Frost, Crystal Set, Ups And Downs, Tactics, Yapocks - check it out here

From Another Side 5B - ( not made yet ) will be a Scribble / Xl Capris "feature"

meantime  as for the 7" singles enjoy today's....

#121 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #121
1. Love Goes On - The Go-Betweens ( Beggars Banquet 1988 )
2. Roman ( Remix ) - Gol Gappas ( Vogue 1987 )
3. Lit By The Fuse - Ups And Downs ( Mushroom Aust 1988 )
4. Every Hour God Sends - Jack Frost ( Red Eye Aust 1990 )
5. Coalface - Tactics ( Regular Aust 1989 )
6. No More Blue Horizons ( Fool Fool Fool ) - China Crisis ( Virgin 1982 )
7. Alligator - Scribble ( Regular Aust 1986 )
8. Adaptability - Scribble ( Regular Aust 1984 )
9. Mesmerized - Citrus Groove ( Marineville 1993 )
10. From Now On - The Crystal Set ( Red Eye Aust 1987 )

( duration 35.39, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #121

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Another ten all from "a land down under" ( without any men chundering )...

Starting with the 2nd single from the Little Heroes first ( s/titled ) album, then the 3rd ( and as far as I know last ) single from Vixen, a single from The Motivaters ( also s/titled ) album and Mal Green ( late of the Enz ) and a solo single from him.

Then we're back some Result Records from The Eighty-Eights and later Silent Movies ( aka The Jukes earlier in their lives ). Also the legendary "Cicada" single from Outline ( putting Fivedock and a few surrounding suburbs on the aural map - love it ) and a single that's an in-betweenie ( albums I mean ) from Ward 13.

I must admit to have forgotten the finer details on who The Sometimes were...having recorded at Platinum Studios ( in Melbourne ) I suspect they are possibly Victorians. Ye Olde Google trail ( the fallback to my fading memory ) revealed not a whole lot except a post from Cloudberry Roque and he is in the dark as much as me.

The accompanying "From Another Side" following on from bands in this post will be quite full / busy ( again ), it's not finished or up yet ( check back there soon ) but here's a little preview photo for ya

UPDATE - Have finally done the aother mix....check it out here :)

It's a badly focused / lit photo I know but for your enjoyment there will be album tracks and b-sides from Little Heroes, The Motivaters, The Eighty-Eights, The Jukes, Silent Movies, Vixen, Outline, Ward 13, The Eyes, Ves 8, Ignatius Jones and Jimmy & The Boys.

Meantime while I prepare that please enjoy todays' 7's...

#120 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #120
1. The Last Number One - Little Heroes ( The Giant Recording Co Aust 1981 )
2. Time Out - Vixen ( Alternative Recs Aust 1981 )
3. New Blood - The Motivaters ( Result Recs Aust 1980 )
4. Follow Me - The Mal Green Sound ( Mushroom Aust 1980 )
5. Don't Call Us - The Eighty Eights ( Result Recs Aust 1981 )
6. The Cicada ( That Ate Fivedock ) - Outline ( Powderworks Aust 1981 )
7. Slow Dancer - Ward 13 ( EMI Aust 1981 )
8. Can't Say No - Silent Movies ( Result Recs Aust 1981 )
9. People Go Home - The Sometimes ( no label Aust 1988 )
10. Mirror Mirror - Jimmy And The Boys ( Avenue Aust 1981 )
( duration 31.18, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #120

Sunday, January 26, 2014

#119 - even more all Australian

The total Australian records still coming out of the pile ( and will do for a few more weeks ) - also so much extra stuff play coming out of today's to play on "From Another Side" that I've had to break that into 2 parts - ie a "Sydney" and a"Melbourne" half...more on that on the other blog.

As far as here goes....we start with Love Positions from Sydney who were Robyn St Clare ( Hummingbirds etc ) and Nic Dalton ( in oh sooo many bands - eg Lemonheads, Plunderers, Ratcat , etc ) and their single "Light Of Day".

Then 2 singles from Models, basically the same a-side of "Local &/or General", firstly from the Aussie ( Mushroom ) release ( title track from the album of course ) and then from the UK release of the same thing, though this album ( and version of the single ) was  remixed...."Bantam Had" was the b-side of said UK single. You can hear the UK a side of "Local &/or General"and the original Aust album version of "Bantam Had" on From Another Side ( the Melbourne half ) as well as "comparisons" between the Oz and UK versions of this album.

Next up today is another Skolars single, I think the other week when I played "Precious Love" I said that was their last single though now I'm not sure because now I think maybe "Where Is She ?" was their last - or vice versa and happy to be corrected as always. More Skolars ( and associated friends ) on the Sydney half of From Another Side.

Surprise Surprise were Sydneyites, the Enz and Boom Crash I'm sure you know all about.

We've got a "Dots" era Paul Kelly single, though "Want You Back" is the b-side of "Lowdown" ( both tracks on the Talk album ), besides the fact there's a dity big scratch on the a-side I also like "Want You Back" more as a song. ( Lowdown's on the Melbourne From Another Side, from the album and thus sans scratch ).

Finally we have a a supergroup of sorts in Sacred Cowboys,  featuring all kinds of former and future luminaries from the Melbourne scene of the time.

Speaking of Melbourne and Mushroom Records the exhibition 'Melbourne, Music & Me ( 40 Years of Mushroom Records" is still on at the RMIT gallery in Melbourne ( until March 3 ) and worth dropping by for a wander around if you're in Melbourne ( or like me if you could go down especially ).

#119 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #119
1. Light Of Day - Love Positions ( Half A Cow Aust 1990 )
2. Sometime Today - The Tripps ( Waterfront Aust 1986 )
3. Local &/or General ( Aust version ) - Models ( Mushroom Aust 1981 )
4. Bantam Had ( UK version ) - Models ( Arista UK ( Promo ) 1982 )
5. Where Is She ? - Skolars ( Ruse Aust 1989 )
6. Cried All My Tears - Surprise Surprise ( Method Recs Aust 1986 )
7. I Walk Away - Split Enz ( Mushroom Aust 1984 )
8. Hands Up In The Air - Boom Crash Opera ( WEA Aust 1986 )
9. Want You Back - Paul Kelly And The Dots ( Mushroom Aust 1981 )
10. Nothing Grows In Texas - Sacred Cowboys ( White Label Recs Aust 1982 )
( duration 34.02, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #119

Friday, December 20, 2013

#118 and From Another Side 02

Still on the all Australian run here, kicking off with a non album track for The Reels, then the debut for Tall Tales and True, latter day Little Murders, Howard I Know's firsty and a Double a-side on Phantom from Flaming Hands ( the other side "It's Just That I Miss You" and more Flaming Hands will be over on From Another Side #2 ).

I have to confess to being a little hazy on the details for Non Stop Dancers ( other than I do remember one other later single at least which was on EMI from memory ). Then it's some more Hunnas from Human Frailty - they will also be over on From Another Side,  with not one but two different 12" mixes of Say Goodbye.

Carnival Oof Lost Souls were from Sydney, again a hazy patch in the memory banks for these guys, but I reckon I'll go with my gut feeling which is telling me they had about 3 singles and in the end were very dancey....if I'm not mistaken. If I am mistaken well I am a goose, but that's nuthin' new.

Then we have the 2nd single from The Expression's self titled debut album. Something about this band always reminds me of Gavin Wood on Countdown and I can still hear him bellowing out the intro to this and WIth Closed Eyes. Don't get me wrong I love Gavin and recently read this great interview with him. ( Although I only wish they'd asked him about his acting appearance in "Houseboat Horror" ).

Our journey today  here ends with The Someloves and their 3rd single.

But the journey does continue - as I keep plugging  - more of these artists and related stuff over on the accompanying "From Another Side" blog.

#118 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #118
1. No. 3 - The Reels ( Mercury Aust 1981 )
2. Wasted Life - Tall Tales And True ( Survival ( Custom ) Aust 1986 )
3. 100 Drugs - Little Murders ( Polyester Recs Aust 1984? or 85? )
4. Orwell Street - Howard I Know ( Red Eye Recs Aust 1985 )
5. Go Or Stay - Flaming Hands ( Phantom Recs Aust 1981 )
6. Only One - Non Stop Dancers ( no label Aust 1983 ? )
7. Say Goodbye - Hunters & Collectors ( White Label Recs Aust 1985 )
8. The Weight - Carnival Of Lost Souls ( Rumble Records Aust 1985 )
9. Total Eclipse - The Expression ( Mushroom Recs Aust 1983 )
10. Melt - The Someloves ( White Label Recs Aust 1989 )
( duration 38.20, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #118

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

From Another Side - a companion to this blog

Introducing a new companion blog to this one called "From Another Side" - featuring b-sides, album or 12" or cassette tracks, alternative versions, etc by the artists played on this blog.

With the idea mostly to play some b-sides ( or even the a-side in those times that I played the b-side to start with ) or 12''s by the artist ( that normally wouldn't be played here ) - or album tracks or cassette only tracks or demos -  ie to really dig around the rest of the collection & play them - always from my point of view that music is meant to be heard ( and why leave it lying around my house doing nothing ? ).

As a starting point I began looking through for extra tracks connected the most recent posts.

To that end "From Another Side #1" features additional tracks by Tiny Town, Pel Mel, Four Gods, Frontier Scouts, Idiom Flesh, Dorian Gray, Young Docteurs, The Cry and even a bonus Gobs track.

Check it out here.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

All action December

am on annual holidays from Dec 9 ( and will henceforth have free time ) so standby for major activity across all my various blogs...have big things planned, a few new projects and big catchup on the regulars...strap yourself in !

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Continuing with all Aussie ness - though strictly Speaking the Tiny Town one is a UK release as the band were based in the UK and the flexi featured here was released there - just the band were expat Brisbanites...

We start today with The Cry from Sydney and I have it listed as 1982 ( which I have to admit comes from the Discogs entry for this single ) but I have the gut feeling this single in fact came out later ( possibly around the 1984 or so ) but have no hard evidence for this - other than my memory.... and that 1982 seems a bit "early" to me....I have been wrong before and will be wrong again though I'm sure.

Then we are up in Brisbane for the legendary Four Gods single, on the even more legendary Able Label. This song sounds exactly like it is - a mix between The Frontier Scouts and early Go Betweens, definitely because that is who is playing on this record ; Lindy on drums and Grant on bass under the alias "Candice" and of course Andrew Wilson of the Frontier Scouts. ( Incidentally this was recorded at m Squared with Patrick engineering so this single even more tinged with "royalty" ). The covers by the way were hand screen printed and done in different colours.

( The ) Tapeloops also from Qld, and the slight of "government work" based on a Joh Bjelke era government...

Then we have the Tiny Town thing ( as I mentioned a flexi ), Clint Small from Melbourne and I don't need to explain The Saints.

The Flies were a Sydney band ( their only single ), Dorian Gray were from Melbourne ( also their only single ), Idiom Flesh were from Sydney ( the first of 2 releases, the other being a 12 ), and of course Skolars ( this being their last single ).

More Aussie coming next week :)

#117 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #117
1. Desert Child - The Cry ( Ice-Nine Recs Aust 1982 )
2. Enchanted House - Four Gods ( Able Label Aust 1981 )
3. Working For The Government - The Tapeloops ( Sundown Recs Aust 1984 )
4. Back To The Bow - Tiny Town ( no label ( Flexi ) 1983 )
5. On The Fourth Floor - Clint Small ( Au-Go-Go Recs Aust 1980 )
6. Simple Love - The Saints ( Lost Records Aust 1980 )
7. Turtle Monster - The Flies ( Pagan Recs Aust 1985 )
8. The Emperor's New Clothes - Dorian Gray ( Au-Go-Go Recs Aust 1982 )
9. It - Idiom Flesh ( Rama Records Aust 1982 )
10. Precious Love - Skolars ( Ruse Aust 1989 )
( duration 33.09, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #117


This weeks is the first in a longish stretch of all Aussie music...

We start with John Kennedy ( earlier of JFK & the Cuban Crisis fame ) and "Big Country", the 2nd single under his Love Gone Wrong moniker , geographically going a bit further afield than his previous odes to King Street and Marrickville. ( also moving geographically up the road in term of record-shop labels ).

Then we have a 7" edit version of Pandemonium from Pel Mel, a 2nd issue /version of the Deckchairs Overboard song ( previously found on their debut s/t 12 " ) and another Martin Armiger driven 7 from The Kevins ( see also #112 ).

Tactics are always worth discussing and this latter day 7" ( ie from 1990 ) interesting for many reasons - firstly it's from their last full studio album "The Great Gusto", secondly for the fact that it's on Regular Records and thirdly because of the involvement of Roger Grierson ( as producer )  - given the stories of earlier cracks in their relationship during the band's days on Green Recs ( and particularly the recording of Glebe ). Also there is something about the treatment of some of the backing vocals that sound like late period Thought Criminals ( especially the oft maligned "You Only Think Twice" album - which I have never maligned,  just for the record ). ( I also love the "your turn my turn" gag at the end )

Everything else on the list easy to grasp I'm sure, except a quick brain refresher on Karen Ansell being in The Reels for a while ( ala Quasimodo's Dream era and thereabouts ) ( and this single was produced by Neil Finn ) and finally Crib Sex were from Brisbane,  this was their second single ( for the first see #38 ).

Obviously also a Brissie connection ther with John Kennedy ( and Mark Callaghan even ) and there's more Brisbane ties in our next one...see you then

#116 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #116
1. Big Country - John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong ( Red Eye Aust 1986 )
2. Pandemonium - Pel Mel ( Gap Aust 1983 )
3. That's The Way - Deckchairs Overboard ( Regular Recs Aust 1983 )
4. Ululation - The Kevins ( White Label Recs Aust 1983 )
5. Turn - Tactics ( Regular Recs Aust 1990 )
6. House Of Cards - Gang Gajang ( Truetone Aust 1985 )
7. Communication - Marc Hunter ( Mercury Aust 1984 )
8. No Commotion - Karen Ansell ( Mushroom Aust 1983 )
9. Love Will Find A Way - The Reels ( Mercury Aust 1979 )
10. Smacks Of Love - Crib Sex ( Humoresque Recs Aust 1986 )
( duration 32.42, vbr lame mp3 )


This week the cards we have been dealt mostly have a post punk bent ( even "post-post punk" if you like... )

Kicking off with Bristolians Scream And Dance, more obscure than than their contemporaries like Rip, Rig & Panic et al . This track has some personal history with me, ie from from 1982-1988 I used the name "Scream And Dance" for a radio show I was doing on 2SER in Sydney - not because I was a fan of the band, or even of this song but because it was the 2nd song I ever played on air and when I started the show I had no name for the show....the first song I played was "What" by Soft Cell and then made a back announcement that said

"..well, Soft Cell has asked the question What ? and the answer is...Scream and Dance"

and then I played the track, and thus the show had a name....totes trivia I know but I feel I have to point that out.

Nothing else that's not glaringly obvious until songs 6 and 7 - these "Coolies" are two different bands; the first is the NY band that were the only overseas release for M Sqaured in Australia ( and one of two "regrets" from the label - as mentioned by Mitch Jones once in an interview on the aforementioned radio show - ie this Coolies release because it was so unlike the rest of the label and the other one being the Entrave Et Etouffement double 10", only because of some dubious money handling by the French label ). The 2nd band today called THE Coolies were from Atlanta.

The last track by Virna Lindt was always a bit of mystery / conundrum to me - because of the packaging / marketing it always felt to me like it wasn't a "real" release - ie that it was either a weird product tie in or something connected with a kid's toy / game.... it is of course in fact a legit release !

All of that could be because something about it always reminded me of a one of my most coveted records - which was both a product tie and did come with a kid's toy. That was a Barbie Doll 7" record ( ie supposedly Barbie singing ! ) that Ray Rockmelon owned and he played it to me once and I have coveted it ever since.....

enough of the digression though

after this we hit a bit stretch of all Aussie music...

#115 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #115
1. In Rhythm - Scream And Dance ( Recreational Records 1982 )
2. Conspiracy - The Higsons ( Waap Records 1982 )
3. Secret Story - Minny Pops ( Factory 1982 )
4. Everything's Roses - Fire Engines ( Codex Communications 1980 )
5. New Breed - Mackenzies ( Ron Johnson 1986 )
6. Do You Agree - Coolies ( M Squared Aust 1981 )
7. Scarborough Fair - The Coolies ( DB Recs 1985 )
8. Seven Minutes to Midnight - Wah! Heat ( Inevitable Music 1980 )
9. Do Nothing - The Specials ( 2 Tone 1980 )
10. Attention Stockholm - Virna Lindt ( Compact Listeners 1981 )
( duration 29.46, vbr lame mp3 )

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Very soon we're about to hit a long stretch of exclusively Australian tracks, today's has 7 of the 10, the next one following ( #115 ) is all from OS, but after that it's a big stretch of Aussieness....

Starting today with a b-side for Pel Mel ( the other side of Blind Lead The Blind ), for a few reasons, mostly that the a side is on the Out Of Reason album and that I prefer the b-side Water anyway ( not to be confused with Head Above Water, the single released after this one by Pel Mel ). While we're on the subject of b-side versus a-side, same case with the Shrinking Violets ( it's the other side of Everything )...again a purely personal aural selection.

Second out of the gate(s) today is Tiny Town ( aka Tinytown ) their 3rd single, the Red Eye re-issue of Steve Kilbey's first solo single and then The Cannanes from ( my usual hazy memory and too lazy to look it up mind' eyes ) their 3rd 7" ( not forgetting the cassettes in & around it ) ( one day I'll get the cassettes sorted....when I'm about 80)

The others in the track list are easy to figure I hope...and I have to plead forgiveness - citing my often alluded to early senility / memory loss for the lack of info on AT Wells, other than it was a 3-track Waterfront ep...I'll try and channel my inner 1985 and get back to you if anything springs to mind !!

hope you likem, enjoy :)

#114 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #114
1. Water - Pel Mel ( Gap Recs Aust 1982 )
2. Drop By Drop - Tiny Town ( Elastic Recs 1984 )
3. This Asphalt Eden - Steve Kilbey ( Red Eye Aust 1985 )
4. Cardboard - The Cannanes ( ? label Aust 1988 )
5. She Said - Shrinking Violets ( Phantom Recs Aust 1988 )
6. From St Kilda To King's Cross - Paul Kelly ( White Label Recs Aust 1985 )
7. How Soon Is Now ? - The Smiths ( Rough Trade 1985 )
8. Bible Dreams - The Wild Swans ( Sire 1988 )
9. Colours Fly Away - The Teardrop Explodes ( Mercury 1981 )
10. Life In The Sun - A.T. Wells ( Waterfront Recs Aust 1985 )
( duration 31.02, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #114

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hi again, firstly it's a French radio promo from Mood Six, the normal release being a 12", then out of Canberra it's Young Docteurs ( Mk II ), the 2nd single from The Chairs ( UK ) and then what I consider to be The Hit Parade's best.

3 Aussie tracks follow - 2 Perth bands on the Easter Recs label and another single from ( Curious ) Yellow ( who we really recently played on #109 ), though this time not produced by Steve Kilbey.

Then the Jane song which I have burnt in my head from another version of it - eg the Opus III version, Third Circle from Leeds and latter day Railway Children.

have a good one :)

#113 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #113
1. What Have You Ever Done ? - Mood Six (  ?? label - French Promo 7" 1986-7 )
2. Around - Young Docteurs ( Resistance Records Aust 1985 )
3. Size 10 Girlfriend - The Chairs ( Pink Halo 1988 )
4. You Didn't Love Me Then - The Hit Parade ( JSH Records 1985 )
5. Honeypearl - The Summer Suns ( Easter Recs Aust 1986 )
6. Waiting In Line - The Marigolds ( Easter Recs Aust 1987 )
7. Love Itself - ( Curious ) Yellow ( Red Eye Recs Aust 1991 )
8. It's A Fine Day - Jane ( Cherry Red 1983 )
9. Last Night Was The Best Night Of My Life - Third Circle ( Rouska 1986 )
10. Every Beat Of The Heart - The Railway Children ( Virgin 1990 )
( duration 32.12, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #113

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#112 - more Oz

Accidentally Ozzie Street again today, firstly with a Johnny Young penned song about Normie Rowe sung by Ronnie Burns ( a big triple there ), then a recording session I would have liked to see - The Gobs & The Birthday Party together as The Tuff Monks.

Another track from Vesania the Ves 8 album, the Martin Armiger produced Kevins ( from the mini album Club Of Rome ) ( with another Kevins single in the pile coming up soon by the way ), an in between albums single from the Enz ( produced by Eddie Rayner ) & one of the Rockie's best ( with help from the late great Robert Racic ).

The others are obvious I hope 'cept - yeah first single from The Expression's debut self titled album & Howard I Know, Mr Shawcross and pals produced by Mark Callaghan ( schweet )

#112 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #112
1. Smiley - Ronnie Burns ( Spin Aust 1969 )
2. After The Fireworks - Tuff Monks ( Au-go-Go Aust 1982 )
3. Crazy - Ves 8 ( Powderworks Aust 1982 )
4. Romeo Romeo - The Kevins ( White Label Recs Aust 1982 )
5. Next Exit - Split Enz ( Mushroom Aust 1983 )
6. What's It Gonna Be ? - Rockmelons ( Truetone Aust 1988 )
7. In Your Car - The Dugites ( Deluxe Aust 1980 )
8. With Closed Eyes - The Expression ( Mushroom Aust 1982 )
9. Stand By Flight - Howard I Know ( Red Eye Recs Aust 1986 )
10. Too Many Times - Mental As Anything ( Regular Recs Aust 1981 )
( duration 34.42, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #112