Saturday, October 25, 2008

#83 - "The Rescued 12 Inches Vol 1"

Introducing a new concept today - "The Rescued 12 Inches"....for many many years I had a great deal of my records stored "off site" - in other words not in my house, there were just too many to have in one house and cart around with me when I moved house etc etc. The ones stored elsewhere were all my albums/12 inch singles. Unfortuantely there was an accident in the roof of where they were stored and over 90% of these records got totally waterlogged in recent big rain storms we had in Sydney and ruined beyond use. I lost over 500+ records !!! Yes gone forever and not retrievable. 

I managed to save about 150-200 though, so it's not all bad news.

What's gone to that big turntable heaven is the sky is stylistically pretty much similar to the kind of releases that have featured here as 7 inches.

Hence it's time for the "Rescued 12 Inches"  -

Hope that makes sense !!

So today it's 10 songs from the hearty survivors who made it through the carnage

Ok all that explained - we kick off with The Pastels, obviously the a-side/main track, followed by the Weddoes from the 12 of "Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now". Then it's a track from side 2 of the original Lazy 12/1st version of "Thru The Flowers" by The Primitives, some McCarthy from the 12 of "Should The Bible Be Banned ?".

After that it's some David Westlake ( teaming up with some Triffids ) on his so-called "solo mini album" ( post The Servants ), the Choo Choo Train omnibusy type Subway 12, then my old Sydney faves The Lighhouse Keepers second release a 12 called "The Exploding Lighthouse Keepers" - also featuring a much better track "Springtime" but sadly that has a jump/scratch, but it's been on a few of those Aussie comps of the era so not so hard to hear..

An Aussie version of The Railway Children's "Reunion Wilderness" album which featured extra tracks to the UK version, followed by those likeable Irish lads who really do love Penelope, with one of the 4 songs on their ep.

Wrapping it all up with The Wolfhounds and the A-side of that particular 12, it was a toss up between "Cruelty" and "I See You" from side 2...

ok, the good thing is these records still exist in my collection so especially..please enjoy !!!! -

ps my scanner is still wobbly - ie the Hey Paulette 12 isn't two-tones of white....yet that's how it shows up via my scanner..

Podcast 83 link for mp3

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #83
I'm Alright With You - The Pastels ( Creation 1985 )
2. Not From Where I'm Standing - The Wedding Present ( Reception 1988 )
3. She Don't Need You - The Primitives ( Lazy 1986 )
4. Saint Francis Amongst The Mortals - McCarthy ( September Recs 1988 )
5. The Word Around Town - Westlake ( Creation 1987 )
6. Big Blue Buzz - Choo Choo Train ( Subway 1988 )
7. The Beat ( I Want My Loving Back ) - The Lighthouse Keepers ( no label Aust 1983 )
8. Careful - The Railway Children ( Factory Australasia 1987 )
9. Commonplace - Hey Paulette ( Mickey Rourke's Fridge 1990 )
10. Cruelty - The Wolfhounds ( Pink 1987 )
( duration 29 mins, 320kps mp3 )


Dunks said...

Mate, congratulations on this fantastic site, tho' deep condolences on the loss of your 12" records :(

This is my favourite blog bar none. I was over the moon when I found it and have been raving about it to everyone I know. An amazing selection of crucial + fascinating stuff. How great to hear old faves again like Ups & Downs, Flaming Hands and Crystal Set. This connects me straight to rosy memories of the heyday of Double/Triple J in the late 70s and early 80s. Hearing "The Stranger" again was pure joy. Keep up the great work.


corbypunk said...

What an amazing idea! also i can`t believe you live in australia and got all these records, Must have been a brilliant distributer/record shop in your area at that time. i`m in the uk and none of our local shops stocked sarah records etc

sideroom said...

we had some awesome record shops in Sydney at the time and great guys working behind the counter and ordering....aaaah the good old days