Sunday, September 28, 2008

#82 - some more flexis

A couple of Sha La La flexis today, so forgive the noticeable quality, especially The Siddeleys, though Baby Lemonade is nice a fuzzy and maybe gains from the flexi surface...dunno...

I had to do some wonder surgery on The Fizzbombs as there was a scratch - which was causing it to get stuck on a note - interesting loop but by the wonders of a sneaky edit I got around that :) No tricks needed for the Rote Kapelle ( the connection with The Fizzbombs being shared members, also shared members of Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes ).

And yeah, seems to be a run of Strawberry Story and Echo & the Bunnymen lately...whateva treva no complaints I'm guessing...

enjoy !!!! -

Podcast 82 link for mp3

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #82
Farewell Dear Bonnie - The Orchids ( Sarah 1989 )
2. Sign On The Line - The Fizzbombs ( Narodnik 1986?7? )
3. Sunday - Rote Kapelle ( In Tape 1986 )
4. Jiffy Neckwear Creation - Baby Lemonade ( Sha La La 1987 )
5. Wherever You Go - The Siddeleys ( Sha La La 1987)
6. Go Ahead Cry - St Christopher ( no label 1986 )
7. Foolish Boy - The Jack Rubies ( Lush 1989 )
8. Kissamatic Love Bubble - Strawberry Story ( Daisy Chain 1990 )
9. Map Of The World - The Coen Dollies ( Medium Cool 1988 )
10. Rescue - Echo & The Bunnymen ( Korova 1980 )
( duration 28 mins, 320kps mp3 )


rickdog said...

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Baraholka said...

Sidey -

Flamin Heck how many 7" Singles do you actually own????

Keep bringing 'em on old son :-)

But how did you afford to keep your 7" habit going as a kid ? Did you have the biggest paper round in history or something ?

All The Best


sideroom said...

ha ha that's hilarious...yes and a huge barrow...sold The Financial Review and a few loftier items to high class residents - they were big tippers !!!!!!!