Monday, September 1, 2008

#80 - Back again :)

I've been incredibly incredibly non-attentive to my blogs lately, sadly....but all that is about to change, especially here :) Stay tuned for "special" adventures here in the coming weeks - all will be revealed....

The first This Poison! single ( on The Wedding Present's label Reception Recs ) gets us underway today, it was a toss up between the a & the b sides as they're both crackers !!

Other things - my apologies for the quality of 'Blind Vision" - it's pressed on very shitey quality clear vinyl, only one level up from a bad flexi, in fact some of my flexis sound better. Oh and I chose the b-side of Josef K's "It's Kinda Funny" single cos I always foud the a-side slow and boring...sure I still bought but was never big on the song !!

And another case of 2 copies of the same single in the guise of "Thru The Flowers", as it's already appeared in the early early days of this blog, 2 copies of that one. 3 if you include the original version !!

go grab it and enjoy -
Podcast 80 link for mp3

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #80
Engine Failure - This Poison! ( Reception 1986 )
2. Bitterscene - Velocette ( Wiija 1999 )
3. Midnight Slows - Weekend ( Rough Trade 1982 )
4. Tiny Clues - Sportique ( WIAIWYA 1999 )
5. Thru The Flowers - The Primitives ( Lazy 1987 )
6. Blind Vision - Blancmange ( London 1983 )
7. Final Request - Josef K ( Postcard 1980 )
8. Bring On The Dancing Horses - Echo & The Bunnymen ( Korova 1985 )
9. Monday Monday - The Mama's & The Papa's ( RCA 1966 )
10. In Between Days - The Cure ( Fiction 1985 )
( duration 27 mins, 320kps mp3 )


dicky said...

It's about time, you bastard!
Have you got any idea what eight weeks of CantoPop can do to a guys state of mind?

ps. keep up the good work. is the end of the pile in sight yet?

sideroom said...

aaah yes I am a bastard ha ha!!

But I am also back - VERY back...

the pile is only half way thru and I had a quick look ay what's coming up - quality on the way I can assure you !

Also some more 12's as well

thanks for listening/writing and especially for half kicking me in the bum cos need it sometimes :)

Baraholka said...

G'Day Mate,

I was absolutely STOKED to find your blog. I discovered music for myself in approx. 1980 when I found a copy of the station magazine for the old 5MMM in Adelaide. It blew my mind how much it blew my mind. Triple M (subscriber funded, NOT part of the MMM network) would print a top 37...or 38..or 42..that concept alone had me hooked.

The first music I got from MMM was "I Travel" by Simple Minds which I snared by leaving the 'record' button pressed down while the Top 37 was playing when Mum called me down for tea. Half an hour later I came back to see what I'd caught!!!

I will be downloading a good many of your SideRoom 'Tens'.

Thanks Heaps!!!!

sideroom said...

wow that's a great tale and I know what you mean with 5MMM ( having been involved with 2SER myself in Sydney )...bit like me in that era discovering a lot of stuff on the 2JJ - before the station turned to bollocks as the "youth network" that is.

thanks for writing,, hope you get some enjoyment out of what you find here :)