Thursday, September 11, 2008

#81 - Greetings West Sussex !!

Starting today with The Friendly Fires circa 1986 from West Sussex....apparentely there's a new artist who pinched the name ( confusing everybody - it should be a floggable offence, taking on as your band name one that's already been used ). Anyhow The Friendly Fires we have here list their address on the back - 12 The Chase, Furnace Green, Crawley, West Sussex - so here's the Google Earth link...,+Furnace+Green,+Crawley,+West+Sussex+UK&sll=-25.335448,135.745076&sspn=68.015291,113.203125&ie=UTF8&ll=51.108264,-0.178013&spn=0.012125,0.027637&t=h&z=15&iwloc=addr

Apologies to whoever lives there now but hey it's on the back of the record !!

After that we go Strawberry Story, some Talulah then a flexi from The Haywains ( "The Surfin Towbridge ep " ) ( one of 2 "surf based" songs on today's mix ). Sadly my technical abilities in cleaning up flexis are a bit lacking - crackles and pops on normal vinyl I have a nice little app ( Click Repair ) but removing the all encompassing surface noise of a flexi is a bit out of my league. Could be an issue having had a sneak peak in the pile and seen there's some more flexi's comin thru soon ( Sha La La anyone ? ?? ).

Then I'd forgotten what a great single "Beat Girl" is !! Woohoo.

A second appearance by The Lighthouse Keepers with "Gargoyle", they'd previously popped up with this song on #11, but I think you should know that I have more than 2 copies of this single. I have...wait for it....6 copies !! This is cos they all had individual handmade and coloured sleeves, so I wanted as many as possible. I originally had 7 but gave one away as a swap ( can't remember what for exactly ). Great song though and well worth another listen.

After that it's young Roddy in the driver's seat, a b-side for The Hit Parade, Scottish Surf ala 53rd & 3rd records with The Beat Poets and rounding it out with The Darling Buds ( by the time they'd lost their edge ).

much fun so go get 'em -

Podcast 81 link for mp3

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #81
Arkansas - The Friendly Fires ( Deadbug 1986 )
2. Close My Eyes - Strawberry Story ( Waaah! 1991 )
3. Bringing Up Baby - Talulah Gosh ( 53rd & 3rd 1987 )
4. Bythesea Road - The Haywains ( Woosh 1988 )
5. Beat Girl - The Wishing Stones ( Head 1986 )
6. Gargoyle - The Lighthouse Keepers ( Gutthaga Pipeline Aust 1983 )
7. Mattress Of Wire - Aztec Camera ( Postcard 1981 )
8. Wipe Away The Tears - The Hit Parade ( JSH Records 1986 )
9. Rebel Surf - The Beat Poets ( 53rd & 3rd 1988 )
10. Burst - The Darling Buds ( Epic 1988 )
( duration 31 mins, 320kps mp3 )

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Cresh Wainright said...

Love your site! haha remember well the Friendly Fires 7 inch, loved the A-side!!! Thanks a million for in essence saving all these 7 inches,etc, love seeing the covers!