Sunday, September 30, 2012

#102 Scotland v Australia ( mostly )

Don't remind me of the recent Socceroos Friendly though....

for some reason most songs  today coming either from Aus or Scotland, 'cept for A Riot of Colour and ( Yorkies ) St Christopher of course...though I could say there's a  very vague Sydney connection with the Riot Of Colour song called "Newtown" ( in my head at least )

Starting with the 2nd single from The Jasmine Minks, then The Young Homebuyers out of SA, some OJ ( their 4th post-Postcard single ), Riot of Colour from a flexi ( the other track on the flexi "Newtown", also coming out later with Skink on a 12" - also on that release was the track House which was Leamington Spa 6 ), their other 12 "Swallow" worth tracking down as well.

the St Christopher track is also from flexi fom 1987, with 2 other tracks, of particular interest was a little insert in the disk for a cassette called "Something's Burning in Paradise" ( see below )

to save yourself a Google for that one, that cassette is blogged here on the always tres-excellent Press Play and Record.

Back to today's mix, after St Christopher it's the 3rd single from Girl Of The World ( and don't forget a new Bart & Friends is out now via Shelflife ), then old Sydney faves Widdershins and then Waterfront label-mates Ups & Downs - the 2nd appearance here of "In The Shadows", I obviously have 2 copies, and given the rules of this blog are that everything is played ( without question ) in the random order I pick them up from the floor then that's why a 2nd appearance ( previously way back on #2 anyway, so there's a 100 between then and now ).

Finally we end up back in Scotland with The Associates and The Fire Engines.

as usual, go for it, enjoy :)

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #102
1. Where The Traffic Goes - The Jasmine Minks ( Creation 1984 )
2. She's A Girl - The Young Homebuyers ( Rough Diamond Aust 1982 )
3. I Can't Help Myself - Orange Juice ( Orange Caulfield Polydor 1982 )
4. Skink - A Riot Of Colour ( Give ( Flexi ) 1986 )
5. Forevermore Starts Here - St Christopher ( Veston ( Flexi ) 1987 )
6. Green Song - Girl Of The World ( Parasol 1993 )
7. Return Of The King - Widdershins ( Waterfront Aust 1989 )
8. In The Shadows - Ups &Downs ( Waterfront Aust 1986 )
9. Party Fears Two - The Associates ( Beggars Banquet 1982 )
10. Candy Skin - Fire Engines ( Pop:Aural 1981 )
( duration 30.53, vbr lame mp3 )

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