Sunday, November 11, 2012

#103 - some Ghosties at the end...

First up today we have The Candy Darlings, as in the 3 piece UK band - not the latter US band. By the way there is a great interview with the band here on Cloudberry Cake Proselytism. Today's song is from the other side of their one and only release "That's Where Caroline Lives". I chose "Transparent" because the a-side is on Leamington Spa 4 and thought it'd be good to get another song out there in the audio ether.

After that it's the final Nivens 7 on Woosh, from a 4 track ep called "Dialect Drug" ( ( as in the Northumberland Nivens ).

Then some semi-related acts, The Lotus Eaters & The Lightning Seeds, the 3rd single from The Lotus Eaters ( and again I have to qualify, this is the 80's UK band of this name ) & the first from The Lightning Seeds.  By the way this little musical relationship will be one of many covered in more depth in a new project I am working on at the moment, which focuses on "musical family trees" ( more on that project at a later date ).

Back to today though and next it's a single sided 7 from The Popguns ( with another 2 tracks found on the 12" ), a flexi from The Godlen Dawn ( a split with The Velvet Crush ) and what is apparently A Certain Ratio, I say apparently because listening to it you'd never know it was the same mob who did "Shack Up" et's almost like the pressed someone else's song on the record !!

Then another band who will get a bit of run in the aforementioned "family tree" project, It's Immaterial for their Liverpuddlian links ( although he mentions Manchester as being his birthplace in the song ).

Last up we have a Steve Kilbey penned track for Ignatius Jones, one of 2 solo singles from him at the time ( along with Whsipering Your Name.

enjoy, see ya next time !

Podcast #103

1. Transparent - The Candy Darlings ( Teatime Records 1989 )
2. Beautiful - The Nivens ( Woosh 1989 )
3. Set Me Apart - The Lotus Eaters ( Arista UK 1984 )
4. Pure - The Lightning Seeds ( Ghetto 1989 )
5. Someone You Love - The Popguns ( Midnight Music 1990 )
6. The Sun Never Shines - The Golden Dawn ( Raving Pop Blast! 1989 )
7. Your Blue Eyes - A Certain Ratio ( A&M 1989 )
8. Driving Away From Home ( Jim's Tune ) - It's Immaterial ( Siren 1986 )
9. The Ghost in You - The Psychedelic Furs ( CBS 1984 )
10. Like A Ghost - Ignatius Jones ( Wombat/WEA Aust 1982 )
( duration 32.36, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #103


Anonymous said...

As usual another great compilation.....keep up the good work....cheers! Stranded

sideroom said...

hi mate, thanks, good to hear from you again !