Wednesday, December 11, 2013

From Another Side - a companion to this blog

Introducing a new companion blog to this one called "From Another Side" - featuring b-sides, album or 12" or cassette tracks, alternative versions, etc by the artists played on this blog.

With the idea mostly to play some b-sides ( or even the a-side in those times that I played the b-side to start with ) or 12''s by the artist ( that normally wouldn't be played here ) - or album tracks or cassette only tracks or demos -  ie to really dig around the rest of the collection & play them - always from my point of view that music is meant to be heard ( and why leave it lying around my house doing nothing ? ).

As a starting point I began looking through for extra tracks connected the most recent posts.

To that end "From Another Side #1" features additional tracks by Tiny Town, Pel Mel, Four Gods, Frontier Scouts, Idiom Flesh, Dorian Gray, Young Docteurs, The Cry and even a bonus Gobs track.

Check it out here.

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