Sunday, March 23, 2014

#121 - drifting away from all Aussie

Hello again, we're starting to move away from the "all Australian" vibe for a while ( although coming up soon is an all Oz Post Punk extravaganza ).

Firstly apologies for the number of skips & jumps on todays, a couple of the singles had "issues" that I couldn't conquer with my usual bag of tricks for such things.

I could have given this one an alternative title of a mini "Kilbey / McLennan feast" but ( wisely ) declined - I say that because we have another Jack Frost single ( big bro Steve K & Grant Macca ) and the "young nipper" Russ with a song from what is basically a double-A from The Crystal Set ( though labelled "Side 1" and "A" on the record ).

Also another appearance by the aforementioned "Macca" on a Gobs single ( and a slightly remixed version ) from the 16 Lovers Lane album.

I did say we'd have less Aussie music but that doesn't mean I will stop writing like an Australian ( ie first rule of being Aussie - give people nicknames ) .

The Gol Gappas song Roman is a "new" / "remixed" version of a song that previously appeared as the b-side to their "West 14 single".

Ups & Downs is a single from their "Underneath The Watchful Eye" album and "Coalface" is a single from "The Great Gusto" from Tactics.

We have one non album single from Scribble ( Adaptability ) and Alligator from the Pop Art album.

And Citrus Groove were from San Fran and Mesmerized was their 3rd single.

As is the norm these days, there is an accompanying "From Another Side" mix  to go along with this one,  as is the norm I seem to have so much extra stuff there it's broken into 2 halves, this time the halves are

From Another Side 5A - Gol Gappas, Go-Betweens, Jack Frost, Crystal Set, Ups And Downs, Tactics, Yapocks - check it out here

From Another Side 5B - is a Scribble / Xl Capris "feature"

meantime  as for the 7" singles enjoy today's....

#121 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #121
1. Love Goes On - The Go-Betweens ( Beggars Banquet 1988 )
2. Roman ( Remix ) - Gol Gappas ( Vogue 1987 )
3. Lit By The Fuse - Ups And Downs ( Mushroom Aust 1988 )
4. Every Hour God Sends - Jack Frost ( Red Eye Aust 1990 )
5. Coalface - Tactics ( Regular Aust 1989 )
6. No More Blue Horizons ( Fool Fool Fool ) - China Crisis ( Virgin 1982 )
7. Alligator - Scribble ( Regular Aust 1986 )
8. Adaptability - Scribble ( Regular Aust 1984 )
9. Mesmerized - Citrus Groove ( Marineville 1993 )
10. From Now On - The Crystal Set ( Red Eye Aust 1987 )

( duration 35.39, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #121


Anonymous said...

'On ya Brucey!

GreyWarbler said...

Hi Bruce - I found your blogg about 3 or 4 days ago and have been downloading some absolute classics that just can't be found anywhere else, and in high quality 320 and V0. Keep up the good work and keep em coming. GW

sideroom said...

thanks GreyWarbler, glad there's some tasty nuggets in there for you !