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#129 - the Socceroos will Socceroo ya....

Don't laugh

seriously, don't laugh

it will be hard enough for us as it is ( in the insane group we drew )....although - we might just surprise everyone...we won't win the World Cup but we won't disgrace ourselves is all I will say !

( also we have to get up at 2am in the morning here to watch our games - or stay up )

To whit to explain the song contained herein....where to begin ?

Firstly although it's changed now for eons in Australia we referred to football as "soccer" - hence our national side is called The Socceroos  - ( and at this point I need to say I love our Socceroos and you can help support them by making them your second team at the World Cup, or even your first if you like ). The single "Soccer, Soccer ( The Real Football ) was made around the time of the 1982 World Cup and came out after the ( relative ) success of "Up There Cazaly" ( a VFL - now AFL - plug , ie the "Aussie Rules" comp ) and another less well known song called "The Greatest Game of All" extolling the virtues of Rugby League. Both of these codes are known down under as "footy".

Therefore a rousing call to arms from the round ball code was devised ( somewhat paradoxically highlighting the naked truth it is the only one totally played with the "foot" ). Along came the so-called "Heroes Of Waterloo" with the brilliant idea to include homage to the national team - and voila...somewhere, sometime the large stadium size electric light bulb went off in someone's head with all the zapping lightning strike of a black and white Frankenstein movie and we have the magical lyrics

"...If you aint seen it, let me clue ya
the Socceroos will Socceroo ya..."

The b-side called "Team Song" is even better, a variation of the a-side but naming players and the coach ( possibly the only time Rudi Gutendorf was lauded in song ) ( you can hear this version in the future on From Another Side ).

But that's only one song on today's mix..

We have the first vinyl outing from Friends - a record by the way which is an "unlucky" record for me. This is actually an emergency replacement copy, ie I found the cover of my original with no record in it ( and can't for the life of me find it ), so got a new copy...but it seems to have a wee jump on it.....uggh.

I reckon everything and everyone else is pretty self explantory, 'cept maybe that the Confetti track is from their Sea Anemon ep and a brief word on the two MEO 245's - "Jewels" is a single from their first album "Screen Memory" and "Sin City" comes from the 'Rites Of Passage" EP.

enjoy :)

#129 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #129
1. It's Getting Louder - Friends ( Summerhouse  Records 1986 )
2. River Island - Confetti ( Sunday Records 1992 )
3. Capricorn Dancer - Richard Clapton ( Infinity Aust 1976 )
4. I Just Get Caught Out - The Go-Betweens ( Truetone Records Aust 1987 )
5. Like An Angel - The Mighty Lemon Drops ( Dreamworld 1985 )
6. Crestfallen - The Chairs ( Pink Halo Records 1990 )
7. Soccer, Soccer ( The Real Football ) - The Heroes Of Waterloo ( 7 Records Aust 1982 )
8. Skywave - Other People's Children ( Library Records Aust 1999 )
9. Jewels ( For Your Love ) - MEO 245 ( Mushroom Records Aust 1981 )
10. Sin City - MEO 245 ( Mushroom Records Aust 1982  )
( duration 32.05, vbr lame mp3 )

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