Sunday, June 1, 2014


The second post for today - and how to follow my Socceroos rant ?

Maybe to explain that I could have played 2 Cudgels tracks, both from flexis - "Red Nosed Man" is from a flexi with just them called "Belly Button Sundae" and they also have another track on the split flexi with They Go Boom !!  ( on the German Blam-A-Bit label ) but the song "I Think I'm Falling" from They Go Boom is so good it got the nod instead ( obviously the other tracks will be available in the future on From Another Side ).

And "Get out Of My Dream" is actually the b-side of Tranquil from The Clouds, though it seems to have had it's fair share of time in the limelight since then in lieu of the a-side.

We also have the original Green Records version of "Go Go"by Super K where that song was the a-side, before the importance of the b-side "Recurring Nightmare" was re-imagined as being a more valid a-side for it's Citadel reissue.

Then some Rote Kapelle which sound wise owes more to the Thanes connections within the band rather than from Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes.

The Nick Smith track is produced by Joe Camilleri ( under the name Joey Vincent ) and indeed the label Survival was a Jo Jo curated label.

"Happiness" is from The Pitt Street Farmers ep from The Reels, though oddly this Aussie release has a b-side from the "Beautiful" album on it ( "La Mer" ). I do have a German release of the single,  featuring a different b-side which is actually in the pile coming up really really soon.

For now, enjoy !

#130 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #130
1. I Think I'm Falling - They Go Boom !! ( Blam-A-Bit 1989 )
2. Tranquil - The Clouds ( Subway Organisation 1987 )
3. Are You Happy Now ? - The Charlottes ( Molesworth Records 1988 )
4. Go Go - Super K ( Green Records Aust 1982 )
5. Red Nosed Man - The Cudgels ( Lovely Records 1990 ? )
6. Fergus ! The Sheep ! - Rote Kapelle ( Big Smell Dinosaur 1985 )
7. Who'd Have Thought - Hurrah! ( Kitchenware Records 1984 )
8. Groovin' ( On A Sunday Afternoon ) - Nick Smith ( Spirit Records Aust 1984 )
9. No One - The Cannanes ( K 1987 )
10. Happiness - The Reels ( RCA Aust 1983 )
( duration 29.36, vbr lame mp3 )


dicky said...

Wow, you've been busy.
I'm constantly amazed at what you dig up next.
Looking forward to the updates on 'from another side', which btw I think is an excellent companion piece to this blog.

sideroom said...

thanks dicky, the updates on From Another Side are coming I promise