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#135 - #137


Our third and last mix for today starts again in Scotland with the only single from Glaswegians April Showers, an amazing one-off single at that.

Then following on from Reverie which we just heard on #136, it's a much much more developed Triffids from Calenture ( from the original single release of this not the reissue for Harold and Madge's wedding on Neighbours....and I am laughing very hard as I write that !! ).

After that it's the somewhat unlikely combo of Messrs Stanley, Wratten, Hiscock and Wiggs - ie Saint Etienne taking on a Field Mice cover.

Then we have post Comet Gain band Velocette and their first single under that moniker ( the English version I mean, there's also French version ). Then we get sent to Coventry for The June Brides and then to Wakering in Essex for the 4 track ep from Men Of Westenesse.

A short lived but brilliant band The Desert Wolves follows with their single ( and last single ). Thankfully Firestation later came to the rescue with comps of both Men Of Westenesse and The Desert Wolves.

One last time today in Scotland for Orange Juice and then 2 related Aussie bands - Catherine Wheel - the Australian one I mean - being a band of ex Honeys members Andrea Croft and Grant Shanahan. "Almost Blind" was their second release. "Gone Away" from The Honeys was their 2nd ( and last ) 7" on Waterfront.

I could bung on about this stuff all day ( and sometimes do ) but that's all for now.

Please enjoy today's triple header :)

#137 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #137
1. Abandon Ship - April Showers ( Chrysalis 1984 )
2. Bury Me Deep In Love - The Triffids ( Island Records 1987 )
3. Kiss And Make Up - Saint Etienne ( Heavenly 1990 )
4. Get Yourself Together - Velocette ( Wiija Records 1987 )
5. Every Conversation - The June Brides ( Pink Label 1984 )
6. The Coldest Water - Men Of Westenesse ( Cassie Records 1989 )
7. Speak To Me Rochelle - The Desert Wolves ( Ugly Man Records 1988 )
8. What Presence ?! - Orange Juice ( Fosa Records 1984 )
9. Almost Blind - Catherine Wheel ( Big Wheel Records Aust 1990 )
10. Gone Away - The Honeys ( Waterfront Records Aust 1989 )
( duration 35.04, vbr lame mp3 )


A few more from Scotland in our second for today, starting with ex Shop Assistant Alex Taylor and her next band The Motorcycle Boy, a single produced by Mark Wallis ( he of producing The Gobs and The Primitives fame - among many others ).

Then it's The Proctors 2nd single on Sunday followed by The Springfields with what is tenuously touted as an ep of covers, ie songs by The Clouds ( "Tranquil") & The Pastels ( "Million Tears" ) plus one original from the very productive Ric Menck.

After that we have a double-A from ( Novacastrians ) Hurrah!, another 2nd single this time from Close Lobsters ( from none other than Paisley in Scotland ) and a b-side from Eva Luna ( the other side of 'Tangle" ), a band formed out of the ashes of a third lineup of The Love Parade ( and called Pure before Eva Luna ).

Back up to Scotland ( and specifically Airdrie ) after that for The Honeymooners with what I think is their only single ( willing to be corrected there ). Then keeping up with the whole 2nd single vibe that's in this mix, it's the second release for The Triffids, a four track ep and "Reverie".

A split flexi follows with Fat Tulips / Confetti, also on Sunday and what seems to be called the "Heaven Flexi". Murkier than The Springfields as regards cover versions, ie each band does a cover and an original - I say it's all very murky given that Mark Randall was in both Fat Tulips and Confetti. The covers are of Spandau Ballet and The Au Pairs.

Lastly we end up with more from Wales and The Sweetest Ache ( on Sarah of course )

#136 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #136
1. You And Me Against The World - The Motorcycle Boy ( Chrysalis 1989 )
2. Moon Song - The Proctors ( Sunday Records 1994 )
3. Tranquil - The Springfields ( Seminal Twang 1991 )
4. I'll Be Your Surprise - Hurrah! ( Kitchenware Records 1983 )
5. Never Seen Before - Close Lobsters ( Fire Records 1987 )
6. Seven Wonders - Eva Luna ( Sugarfrost 1993 )
7. Another Fit Of Laughter - The Honeymooners ( Mr Ridiculous Records 1987 )
8. Reverie - The Triffids ( Resonant Records Aust 1981 )
9. To Cut A Long Story Short - Fat Tulips ( Sunday Records 1991 )
10. Everlasting - The Sweetest Ache ( Sarah Records 1991 )
( duration 31.45, vbr lame mp3 )


First in our triple post today and it all starts with three lasses from Hatfield,  Hertfordshire - The Marine Girls, made up of sisters Alice & Jane Fox ( "of course" later in Grab Grab The Haddock ) and Tracey Thorn ( another "of course" - ie which band she was in later ... ), this was a double A single with "Don't Come Back", produced by Stuart Moxham of Young Marble Giants / The Gist. Which leads nicely into YMG's first ( 3 track ) ep from which the eternally great "Final Day" comes.

Then we head Merseyside ( Kirkby ) for China Crisis and then up north to the first of a few tracks from Scotland today - firstly dropping in on Roddy and pals for their first post-Postcard 7", then 2 tracks by Associates side project-ish kind of things.

This is a bit of a spinning web of people and bands, so please stick with me :)

39 Lyon Street was Billy MacKenzie & Alan Rankine from The Associates along with Christine Beveridge ( whose main band was Orbidöig along with Steve Reid from The Associates ). Now that seems fairly simple, but there was also the fact they couldn't credit the release as The Associates due to their contract with their main label WEA stating they couldn't release on another label and credit the A-side to The Associates. The single is on RSO so hence the alias. Even murkier is the fact the b-side IS credited to The Associates.

That make some kind of sense but then the second song on our mix today is credited as MacKenzie Sings Orbidoig, this time being Billy ( theoretically as a solo artist ) singing an Orbidöig song, the writing credits on"Ice Cream Factory" being listed as Mr S.Reid. Unclear from the info provided on the record who actually plays on the record, but one suspects more Associates were involved somehow.

Easier to follow are TV21, today from them we hear the b-side of "On The Run ( Who's Gonna Get Me First )" and St James Infirmary from their "Angelkagool" ep.

Closing out with 2 Aussie releases from Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls and John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong ( and his ode to King Street, Newtown for those not from Sydney ).

#135 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #135
1. You Must Be Mad - The Marine Girls ( Cherry Red 1983 )
2. Final Day - Young Marble Giants ( Rough Trade 1980 )
3. King In Catholic Style - China Crisis ( Virgin 1985 )
4. Pillar To Post - Aztec Camera ( Rough Trade 1982 )
5. Kites - 39 Lyon Street ( RSO Records 1981 )
6. Ice Cream Factory - MacKenzie Sings Orbidoig ( WEA 1982 )
7. End Of A Dream - TV 21 ( Demon Records 1981 )
8. Terry Marriagehead - St James Infirmary ( Lust Recordings 1990 )
9. To Her Door - Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls ( Mushroom Records Aust 1987 )
10. King Street - John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong ( Red Eye Records Aust 1985 )
( duration 31.05, vbr lame mp3 )


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