Saturday, December 16, 2006

bad boy Pitney...podcast 13

I never realised it before but Gene Pitney is a serious bad ass !! 24 Hours From Tulsa appeared today...and I must say I'd never l listened to the "story" contained in the song before...but here's what happens

Gene is away from his home in Tulsa, on some undisclosed business, possibly travelling a large distance and away from his girlfriend or it could even be his wife, the hard facts of the relationship are all a bit vague. What isn't vague is he's just a day away and stops off ( has anyone ever looked on a map and seen exactly where one days drive from Tulsa is ?? )...anyway he stops off for the night at a hotel-motel - how many stars rating it has isn't stated but I think the establishment in question was possibly of a dubious nature ( seemingly providing more than just a place to lay your head at night and those complimentary little packets of instant coffee ). Gene pulls up in the driveway and looks out the window and sees some chick...& the first woman he claps his eyes on he gets all hot and bothered for....goes up to her and makes some paltry excuse to talk to her on the flimsy premise of asking where to get something to eat...somehow, well according to Gene at least, she all but insists she join him for dinner...Gene slips on a few strategic tracks on the jukebox ( why do I get the idea he's done this before ) thing we hear he's got his tongue down her throat...or as he puts it "all of a sudden I lost control as I felt her charms"...and then in a blink of an eye he's telling her he'll die before he let her out of his he's some fast worker..and they obviously go back to his hotel room and get it on in a big way....he only met her a few hours before remember....but I've come to realise Gene's not all that fussy anyway.....and then he writes this little song to dump his girlfriend. And that he's not coming home and it's all over. Not only that, he tells her all about his lusty night with the other woman.


But what makes me laugh is at the end of the song he puts on a sad voice when he says he can "never,never, never go home again" as if we're supposed to have sympathy for him ! Come on man admit it. You're mad for it and you'll chase anything will a pulse !! Gees Gene...get a grip dude !!

Although it is unclear exactly what awaited Gene when he got to Tulsa...a rolling pin and a hard night sleeping on the lawn perhaps ??

Podcast 13 link 

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #13
New King Jack - Sekret Sekret ( Basilisk Aust 1980 )
2. Love At First Sight - The Gist ( Rough Trade 1982 )
3. Free Fall - Saloon ( Track & Field 2001 )
4. Three Sixty Degrees - The Windmills ( Matinee 1999 )
5. 24 Hours From Tulsa - Gene Pitney ( Postbus Holland ???? )
6. Saturday's Girl - Fast Cars ( Method Recs Aust 1980 )
7. If I Had A Soul - Comet Gain ( Killrockstars 1998 )
8. It's Not True - The Wonder Stuff ( Farout 1986 )
9. When I Dream - The Teardrop Explodes ( Zoo via Phonogram 1980 )
10. W.O.Q. - The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast ( M Squared Aust 1983 )
( duration 31 mins, 320kps mp3 )


Anonymous said...

The Gist's fantastic single is from 1982, not 1985.

sideroom said...

cheers oldskool, no date on the record so i just took a punt at roughly the year I bought it !!