Sunday, December 17, 2006

a comment on "Gene" and an update on Jim's Twenty One

no the two aren't connected !!

just a few emails I received...firstly from Karin from Oslo who said

- did I ever consider Gene only used to take his so called 'little business trips' away from Tulsa just to pick up women and he finally met his match in some two-bit hooker 24 hours from home that fateful night..

no I hadn't Karin but I suspect you are right !! ;)

and I've also recently heard from Kenny a member of the band Jim's Twenty One who turned up on Podcast 6 and he explained that although they were living in Brussels at the time they weren't Belgies they were "a mix of Scottish, English and Irish" a UK band after all !! And the label Tulip was their own label, though distributed via 53rd & 3rd back in Edinburgh, which is probably how a few copies ended up in Australia. Anyway thanks for the info Kenny !!

there's also some House Of Love 12's over at Humans Beware for your enjoyment