Saturday, December 9, 2006

"Humans Beware" offshoot blog up and running

I have just started an offshoot companion blog to this one called Humans Beware and it's right here for your viewing & listening pleasure. It features very similar music but from 12"s and albums, and lots more recent and current stuff with a similar sound.

There'll be other podcasts over on the other site ( but limited edition, only up for 3 days ) - a mix of the old and the new, unlike this site which seems to be 99% "old" singles, as you may be noticing. There's also postings of single mp3's, which is highly requested by many people from this site.

The first podcast over there features Fields, Bubblegum Lemonade, Close Lobsters, Dondolo, The Lilac Time, Solex, Language Of Flowers, Solid State Revival, Ash Verjee and The Triffids,

There's also a 1987 Subway Records comp called "Surfin' In The Subway" and a bonus Pulp 12"

Best way to find out is to go over and enjoy !!

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