Saturday, January 19, 2013


Starting off today with a release on the mighty Au Go Go records from Scapa Flow ( and that's the Sydney band of the early 80's not the later Swedish band of the same name ) and their first single. 

The Box were Sheffieldians ( another first single ) was a band made up of early members of Clock DVA. Berlin Blondes were Glaswegians, one of about three singles they had ( from fading memory ). They were plugging them in Australia for some reason ( probably more on Sounds with Donny Sutherland than on Countdown ), this single was produced by Mike Thorne who had been working mostly with Wire up to that point. Mi-Sex I'm sure need no introduction at this point, the track today being the title cut from their 2nd album.

The Bodysnatchers obviously part of the 2 Tone scene ( this single produced by Jerry Dammers ), an all girl group, probably better known under that name for their earlier single "Lets Do Rock Steady", and who were in fact the writers of "The Boiler" with the Special AKA, the "Rhoda" on that single being  Bodysnatchers member Rhoda Dakar. This page on the 2-Tone site has a more coherent history of the band for ya.

After that not much more that's not overly self evident, other than the usual Sheffieldian & Liverpuddlian connections and the fact that Peter Wilson had a production hand with both Mssers Weller & Howard on their respective singles.

See you next time, where having had a sneaky look ahead in the pile, I can say that it will be an all Aussie double coming next.


1. Endless Sleep - Scapa Flow ( Au Go Go Recs Aust 1980 )
2. Old Style Drop Down - The Box ( Go! Discs 1983 )
3. Framework - Berlin Blondes ( EM 1980 )
4. Space Race - Mi-Sex ( CBS Aust 1980 )
5. Easy Life - The Bodysnatchers ( 2 Tone 1980 )
6. Speak Like A Child - The Style Council ( Polydor 1983 )
7. Come Back - The Mighty Wah! ( Beggars Banquet 1984 )
8. Digging Your Scene - The Blow Monkeys ( RCA 1986 )
9. Empire State Human - The Human League ( Virgin 1979 )
10. ( We Don't Need This ) Facist Groove Thang - Heaven 17 ( Virgin 1981 )
( duration 34.41, vbr lame mp3 )

Tracklist as PDF,  all podcasts #1 - ( current ) #105


Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce. Missing your posts. Hope all is well. Cheers, Andrew.

sideroom said...

aah sorry yes have been absolutely SWAMPED with the new year at work and have had zero free time so all too hard to do, am posting later tonight though !!