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A very intertwined bunch of tracks on this one, centred around Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons and The Sports.

Firstly the "pre everything" Pelaco Bros - a lineup including Mssrs Camilleri and Cummings along with Ed Bates ( future Sports mk1 ) Johnny Topper, Peter Lillie and Carl Wolfe from a 6 track ep recorded live ( at Melbourne Uni ) ( on a label called Ralph Records, but this is not the latter day US label ).

Then "Hit And Run" the first single from the Screaming Targets album ( the first of 2 albums produced by Pete Solley - I guess in between working on the 2 albums he produced with The Sports ).

After that it's the whole catalogue ( minus one ) of Jo Jo Zep's 'indie' label called "Mighty Records" - that is all except "Nosey Parker" by Joey Vincent ( ie Jo Camilleri himself ), which was already featured here years and years ago on Sideroom #22.

The artists on this label were Joey Vincent / The Creatures / The Honeydrippers / Highrise Hilton & The Skyscrapers / Gary Young and Gulliver Smith - with most of these artists being aliases for various Falcons members.

There was a box-set of the singles for this label ( sadly I have lost the actual box they came in - but not the records obviously ) - and it's all very confusing with what was in the original box in Melbourne shops - I say Melbourne because the box I got at the time up in Sydney at the time of release only had 5 records in it - no Gulliver Smith ( which I got separately later )  So not sure if Gulliver Smith was in the original box or not,  just it never made it to my box up here in Sydney (  sold out ? withdrawn ?.. help ? anybody !... ).

And starting our run of Mighty Records is The Creatures who were Jeff Burstin /Tony Faehse / John Power and Gary Young,  ie nearly all of the Falcons, and I actually chose "Sea Fury" what seems to be officially the b-side of the single ( despite the cover indicating it's the a-side ) ( ! confusing ! ). Then it's the Gulliver Smith single from the set - of course not a Falcon, though his earlier career ( of many bands ) included Company Caine ( which at one point DID feature Falcons John Power and Jeff Burstin ). Then ( self explanatory ) it's Gary Young the Falcon's drummer with Ubangi Stomp, followed by The Honeydrippers "Can't Hold Back the Tears" - and again we run into memory problems with facts here. At the time I am pretty sure I read / heard ( on 2JJ ) they were an O.S. band - though not the latter day Robert Plant Honeydrippers. Now I could be totally wrong - but I just base this on the fact at the time I was an acned faced teenager obsessed by every little trivial detail I could suck in and those facts seem to have stuck in the amazing thing that is the 'human memory' for all these years regarding this Honeydrippers record. Another theory I read subsequently on a music forum was that they were somehow connected with another Melbourne band called The Bel Aire Bandits but I can neither confirm or deny - again help ? anybody ?.

Lastly on Mighty Records it's Highrise Hilton & The Skyscrapers which was an alias for John Power.

Phew ! That was a lot to get through...

We then move onto the section with some singles from The Sports - their debut indie ep "Fair Game", followed by a re-recording of the song "Reckless",  ie a new version of the title track from their debut album - Pete Solley involved in producing this version versus Joe Camilleri on the first - given away a bonus in the first run of their ( second ) album "Don't Throw Stones". Finishing off with "Black Stockings For Chelsea" which was a posthumous 7 inch; a song originally on the "Sondra" album ( but not a single at that time ) and to coincide with the release of the "All Sports" best of compilation in 1982 ( possibly as late as November of that year ),  some time after the band had split.

#142 - via Box

Sideroom Singles Podcast #142
1. Conga Line - The Pelaco Bros ( Ralph Records Aust 1976 )
2. Hit And Run - Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons ( Mushroom Records Aust 1979 )
3. Sea Fury - The Creatures ( Australia ) ( Mighty Records Aust 1980 )
4. Don't Keep Doin' It, Duke - Gulliver Smith ( Mighty Records Aust 1980 )
5. Ubangi Stomp - Gary Young ( Mighty Records Aust 1980 )
6. Can't Hold Back The Tears - The Honeydrippers ( Mighty Records Aust 1980 )
7. Rocket 88 - Highrise Hilton & The Skyscrapers ( Mighty Records Aust 1980 )
8. ( Right ) Thru Her Heart - The Sports ( Zak Aust 1977 )
9. Reckless - The Sports ( Mushroom Records Aust 1979 )
10. Black Stockings ( For Chelsea ) - The Sports ( Mushroom Records Aust 1982 )
( duration 29.22, vbr lame mp3 )


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