Sunday, April 15, 2007

#33 - a tale of root vegetables

There's been a bit of a time gap here because I was trying to somehow "clean up" the single by Blue Aeroplanes, there's a part in the middle that suddenly sounds like your ears are full of mashed potato, but don't worry the potato comes out your other ear eventually and it clears up. This has held up "production" as I was trying to stick my own rules that I enforced from day 1 to play the single no matter what in the order I pick them up, so couldn't really skip a track now could I, huh.

This little "potato moment" on the Blue Aeroplanes was dogging me for over a week - I was trying desperately to clean it up digitally somehow and concluded not even a forensic audio scientist at the FBI could do it !! This was even after an 'analog cleaning' done on a professional 'record cleaning machine' at a radio station a friend works at. In the end I have grown used to the whole vegetableness of it and have admitted defeat.

But anyhoooooow, also today we have Frank Tovey as a "solo project" supposedly apart from Fad Gadget, Gedgy's back and full force with The Wedding Present and the original/first version of "Throw Your Arms Around Me". A revamped version appeared a few years later after with a new 2nd verse added, all supposedly to appease the US market, but here we have the rawer version that obviously Aussies would put up with.

Some more Railway Children follows, then the afore mentioned Potato song, then a rather fetching looking French lass, from a collection of singles from "other countries" I picked up one fateful afternoon in a secondhand store, which have been scattered here and there on the mixes on this blog.

The Chad's Tree track is the b-side of "Stroller In The Attic" and there was something I found a bit "overworked" in the production of the a-side, so opted for the flipside. After which we have some rather drunken sounding Scottish lads ( hey I'm not knocking it, just commenting ) called We Free Kings, who seem to be having a rollicking old time, spurred on by some mad fiddling...again, not knocking, just an observation.

Finally I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Sir Roddy for Aztec Camera, my number 2 fave AC song behind "Oblivious". Ending today with Lord Cope and the Liverpudlian lads in big brass fashion.

In other business the old email address at seems to have died an inglorious death, so I have listed a new email address. Before the chilli thing went under I had a great message from Richard who was the drummer in The Holidaymakers ( makers of the awesome Cincinatti single, which fronted on pod #2 ) who is now working in Canada as a paramedic. He also said he's having trouble convincing people he knows over there he was in band !! Hey Richard's friends, I can confirm he was in The Holidaymakers and also that they had a absolutely great single in Cincinatti :)

A few other people were asking how come all the singles on this blog are mostly 80's and the answer is simple - these are the ones all stored in the so called "sideroom". Recent singles are in a totally different room, and that's kind of why I started one of my other blogs called Humans Beware, which has recent stuff on it. Incidentally at that blog I've just done an "electro pop" thing featuring ( mostly Swedish ) recent "electronic pop" sounding stuff. Check it out if you so desire :)

Anyhow. here it #33, please enjoy ;)

Podcast 33 link for mp3
Podcast 33 link for text file tracklisting

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #33
Luxury - Frank Tovey ( Mute 1985 ) ( 0.00 - 3.37 )
2. Anyone Can Make A Mistake - The Wedding Present ( Reception 1987 ) ( 3.37 - 6.50 )
3. Throw Your Arms Around Me ( original ) - Hunters & Collectors ( White label Aust 1984) ( 6.50 - 10.10 )
4. In The Meantime - The Railway Children ( Virgin 1988 ) ( 10.10 - 13.51 )
5. When The Wave Comes - Blue Aeroplanes ( Fire 1986 ) ( 13.51 - 16.23 )
6. Une Fleur - Christine Delaroche ( Maxi France 196? ) ( 16.23 - 18.39 )
7. The Orchard - Chad's Tree ( Nude Aust 1987) ( 18.39 - 21.47 )
8. Oceans - We Free Kings ( DDT 1987 ) ( 21.47 - 25.08 )
9. Walkout To Winter - Aztec Camera ( Rough Trade 1983 ) ( 25.08 - 28.43 )
10. Reward - The Teardrop Explodes ( Merciry 1981 ) ( 28.43 - 31.30 )
( duration 31 mins, 320kps mp3 )


Overhere said...

Another great post - 33 and going strong. Thanks again

mordi said...

is there any chance of a copy of Une Fleur by Christine Delaroche in mp3 format?


my email address can be found at my blog
the email address is on the left hand side

sideroom said...

Mordi - yes !!

I will do it as soon as I get a free moment :)