Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live Streaming this weekend

that is all Sat/Sun Aust time

tune in and see if you like it :)

Only "testing" at the moment but am planning a regular weekend stream with guest programmers, features and interviews....all will be revealed

If you listen please let me know if you like it and how it works, still testing the quality/connection speed

an alternative method to connect is to go here, and hit "listen now"

the stream is a live mp3 stream, so you'll need to use Winamp or iTunes or something similar which connects to .m3u streams


Overhere said...

Brilliant - the sound is really good - am thinking of connecting laptop up to the stereo for full effect. Having completed the 4ZZZ postings I was rapt to hear the Apartments coming over the stream 0 they didn't feature in the 9 hours of the broadcast (which I find a bit strange)

I don't know where you get the energy from. This is going to make weekends even better

sideroom said...

cool, glad it worked !! Yeah the 4zzz'ers must have forgotten The could they ??

Glad the stream worked in the UK, the quality isn't probably crash hot but I'm experiementing

Overhere said...

Considering everything - the quality was very good - much better than some streaming I have heard. I am going to do a post on your stream if that's OK - will it just be tomorrow (Sunday Aus time) for now or will you go again next weekend?

sideroom said...

I won't be back onto until next weekend now...I will make a more concrete schedule too, a bit more varied than this weekend, check in the next fe days