Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I was testing some live streaming

off air, seemed to work, am exploring options for more permanent broadcast :)

will report back later when I sort hatching a plan !!


Anonymous said...

This is the most amazing Blog I have come across. It's just like listening to JJJ in the 80's all over again.
All my favourite songs, and songs which I have been seaching for over 20 years.Songs such as "Silly Girls by Scribble,"She Walks Down by Other Voices, the Skolars just to mention a few.
I have one request, for The Agents "Merciless Cinema" if you have it, or when it comes up for rotation please.
Keep up the good work, I will be visiting daily to listen to more of the podcasts...cheers!

sideroom said...

hi there

yes I have that Agents single, I am letting the mysteries of the universe setermine the playing order, ie I have a huge pile which assembled itself in an order years ago and I just play stuff as they come out of that pile, 'chez randomelee' as they don't say in French, but I've had a sneaky look ahead and Merciless Cinema will be up soon, by total chance your luck isin !!