Sunday, April 22, 2007

#34 it's a small world indeed

It's definitely a cliche ( or as they say in French a "cliche" ) but sometimes it is a small world. I got an email the other day from the son of Barry Ross ( loyal sidekick to Rex Mossop, see # 30), and he somehow stumbled on this site, only to read my post about his father and Rex. He did say he was laughing, which is good and said as a boy he spent many a fine time with his dad and Rex at the footy, and that there are still "get togethers" with Baz and The Moose. Great to hear, and thanks for writing !!

Today we have a record I have always been suspicious as to it's authenticity as an "official release", ie a Jasmine Minks "live ep", I suspect a bootleg, recorded in Nov 1986, from right up the back of the pub and appearing on a dodgy sounding label "Esurient Communications" which sounds possibly French, or maybe was just meant to sound French to put Alan McGee off the scent from chasing the label down and giving them a Glasgow kiss ( ?? )

( see the comments for clarification on this issue ! )

The Jam ep is quite a nifty little 4-track thing with Start, Eton Rifles, That's Entertainment and Going Underground, some nice one stop Jam shopping. The Go-Betweens single looks like it could be more "unofficial merchandise" like the Jasmine Minks but it's a double sided giveaway single from a Melbourne record shop "Music Station Records", the other side being a track by a melbourne band called Empire State, doing a song called Hey Mista.

Please enjoy ;)

Podcast 34 link for mp3
Podcast 34 link for text file tracklisting

Sideroom 7 Inch Singles Podcast #34
Nothing Changes In My House - Ed Kuepper & The Yard Goes On Forever ( Truetone Aust 1987 ) ( 0.00 - 2.42 )
2. Going Underground - The Jam ( Polydor 1980 ) ( 2.42 - 5.31 )
3. You Cut Me Deep ( live ) - Jasmine Minks ( Esurient Communications 1987) ( 5.31 - 7.44 )
4. Tomorrow - Salteens ( Drive In Recs 2000 ) ( 7.44 - 9.45 )
5. Toy - The Hearthrobs ( In Tape 1987 ) ( 9.45 - 13.17 )
6. Get On Down - The Hummingbirds ( Phantom Aust 1987 ) ( 13.17 - 16.59 )
7. Flowers Of Romance - PIL ( Virgin 1981) ( 16.59 - 19.45 )
8. Cool In The Tube - Surfside 6 ( Phantom Aust 1980 ) (19.45 - 22.29 )
9. Just Like Heaven - The Cure ( Sire 1987 ) ( 22.29 - 25.40 )
10. Apology Accepted - The Go-Betweens ( Music Stn Aust Giveaway 1986 ) ( 25.40 - 29.59 )
( duration 30 mins, 320kps mp3 )


Overhere said...

cheers sideroom another legendary podcast and you get e-mails from the best people - long live the moose and long live Bazza

The Rain Fell Down said...

esurient was a very real label indeed, started by kevin pearce who also wrote the 'hungry beat' fanzine. these days he writes for tangents. they're one of my favourite 80's labels with releases from emily, the claim, hurrah! and hellfire sermons.

check out the discography here:



sideroom said...

Ok cool thanks for that info on Esurient, sounds like a great label !!

and yes GO Moose and Baz - still.

eddy said...

i'm pretty sure that go-betweens single was a giveaway at the old central club in richmond. (i have the single; can't remember the show.) there was at least one more in the series, a split single with blue ruin on one side. i don't think music station was a real label as such; there might have been a connection to musicland distribution, though.

sideroom said...

thanks eddy, I am pretty sure you're right, that all rings a bell now, I think the blue one has the odolites or sea stories on the other side, or someone similar, I know the one you mean, I didn't have it but I think a friend did

anyone else remember ??